Check the e-mail list FIRST

Check this here. The mayor of Los Alamitos, CA sent the following photo out via e-mail.

So, of course, I have two questions….
1. When you’re forwarding an e-mail of questionable taste — and we’ve all done it — you typically ask yourself, “will (insert person here) be offended?”  In this case, the unabridged version would be “will Keyanus be offended?
Just read that over again.  “Will Keyanus be offended?” You don’t even have to play it safe to know the answer to that is “no. You can play it 70-in-a-45-with-no-seat-belt, and you STILL go farther down the list and ask yourself, “what about Key-Key…will she be offended?” Then you keep going, get to “Kimmie” and send away.
Sending the e-mail is one thing. Sending it to KEYANUS? Well, let’s just say you don’t want to be in the mayor’s phone book. This is the fool that pocket dials his ex from the delivery room.
2. So I keep looking at that picture…and it just makes me look forward to summer. I love watermelon. You do, too. Everybody does. Hell, if there really was a watermelon patch in the front lawn of the White House, you’d see a lot more decent people trying to get into politics.
Why? Because decent people like watermelon. Dag, I sure could go for some right now.
Yes, I said it. I said this, too. And I’ll say it again. And if I roll up with some watermelon, spittin’ seeds and juice dripping down my cheeks, you know what you’ll be?
Jealous, that’s what.

9 thoughts on “Check the e-mail list FIRST”

  1. There is one comment that says something to the effect of “come on black folks like watermelon, what is the problem”. This is true but we may also think little monkeys are cute but don’t want to compared to one.
    I could go for some right now too Bo.LOL!

  2. This is more a way of saying “I will cleverly use modern technology to tell the world I have a preconceived opinion of all people who look a certain way, I am envious of the attention they receive when they are successful, and I don’t personally know any.”
    With a little salt on it!

  3. When I went to Spain a couple of years ago, I stopped in the market on a really hot day. They had all sorts of fruit and vegetables, but I managed to find a big old piece of watermelon. As I was eating it, I momentarily stopped to think “Do I look like a walking stereotype?” Then I figured no one there knew about that or cared–and even if they did, I was not gonna let that stop me from enjoying myself!

  4. Elijah Walker

    Today was the first time I have ever heard of you (Outside The Lines). Brother, you are the man!!!!!!!!!!! I am a Morehouse Grad who lives in Charlotte, NC. Represent my brother!!!! Represent!!!!!!!!!

  5. Brian Christian

    To: Bomani Jones–Seen ya’ a couple of times & appreciate your perspective on a variety of subjects; saw appearance on ‘Rome’ this afternoon & liked what I heard from you. I understand it’s not necessary to appeal to me when you cover certain subjects.(It’s my opinion, that is what gives you genuine value on things that deserve your attention.)
    Brian Christian, San Antonio
    Go Spurs!!

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