As many of you know, I have a radio show. It seems strange to say that, given that most people that read here have been around for a while, but I don’t talk shop too much on here. This is kinda like my break room from work, yanno?
Anyway, there are myriad ways to listen, and people ask me very often how they can check us out, so I need something on archive I can send so I don’t have to constantly hunt for links and search for solutions.
Now, I do not know all the technical stuff. What’s below is the best I can give you. If you ask “what about…,” chances are I’m going to get annoyed and say, “that’s not my job.” As I find out methods, I take a note of them and, now, pass them on.
How to listen on…
Radio. First, you need Sirius, not XM. From here, go to channel 158, and there is the station, The Score Satellite Radio. I’m on from 7-10 ET from Monday thru Friday. Tuesday thru Friday, we air a replay from 10-12.
Streaming from PC/Mac. You can go to to listen to the show live.
Streaming from smartphone. This is tricky, because I’m not really sure on all of these.
All Platforms (added 2/12/2011): try Stitcher Radio or Tunein Radio.
Droid: try I’m told it works.
BlackBerry: download an app called Flycast. Go to “now playing,” then “sports,” and look for “Hardcore Sports.” That’s the station’s old name. Listen from 7-10 ET and 10-12 ET.
iPhone: also try Flycast. You can also use Podcaster.
iTunes Store: Right here.
Droid: download the app Listen. Then subscribe the link
BlackBerry: download the Podcast app. Then subscribe the link
You can also check podcasts at the station’s website,
Facebook. We’ve got a Facebook Fan page that hosts podcasts, along with The Morning Jones video recap. You can get there by clicking this link.
As more vehicles to get the show come up, I’ll update this page.