You gotta feel bad for this guy.  First, it’s gotta suck to be falsely accused of having kiddie porn.  I would argue that this crime is the most frowned upon in this society.  And I ain’t mad at that.
Plus, they must have pulled out the big guns on him.
I say that because the only way I don’t notice that Shaq is in the room is if I’m preoccupied by the barrel of a gun.  Even if I’m handcuffed with a foot in my back, I’m gonna wonder, “man, who’s that Shaq lookin nigga in the corner?”
You can’t put a 7-footer in a room and think it won’t get noticed.  The reason is that it’s more than likely that any 7-footer you see on the street is one you’ve seen on TV.  I’ve never been around or heard of anyone that tall that didn’t play ball.  Save for that big boxer that’s out right now, that is.
But if you’re that tall, you can get a tryout on just about any level.  I don’t there’s a D-1 school that wouldn’t let you hang out on the bench for four seasons.
So if there’s a flash of a 7-footer out the corner of my eye, I don’t think I’ll be able to withhold the urge to think, “who did he play for?”
Plus, it’s Shaq.  Shaq’s pretty famous.  High Q rating and all that.