As a few of you know, today is the 28th commemoration of International Baba Day.  And while it’s great to make it to another year, I must also admit that it’s humbling.  I mean, if I was as big a star as I pretend to be, 27 would have been it for me.  But it’s not, so I guess I’m not the Jimi Hendrix of….whatever the hell it is that I do now.
Oh yeah, radio.  FYI, I’m hosting 10-1 (ET) show on 620 The Bull here in Raleigh for the rest of the week.  Please tune in if you can.  The combination of me, a microphone and my birthday could be a really strange star alignment.
I suppose annual Int’l Baba day lamentations will come later.  Whoa, am I really almost 30?  When did that happen?