Is that pestilence riding up?

Right before jumping in the shower, I looked at the Dashboard on my Mac to check the weather.  I forget the numbers, but I looked to see a little cartoon picture of some white dots falling by today’s forecast.
I say “white dots” because I know damn well that isn’t snow.  I like in North Carolina.  I live here because, among other things, it doesn’t snow in November.  It isn’t even Thanksgiving.
See, I told y’all to vote for Al Gore.

8 thoughts on “Is that pestilence riding up?”

  1. Hell, I know I live in California, but I’ll be damned if it hasn’t been 80 degrees here for the last several days. It’s November. I don’t WANT to Bar-b-que the turkey. I wanna snuggle by the fire or something!

  2. Speaking as a former resident, CA burns down every year. Not to make light of it, but all the people that think they need to worry about earthquakes – they should be more worried about turning to ash.

  3. Bar-B-What? Ladyfriend, there is no such verb. If you are referring to the noun, you must mean slow, indirect-heat cooked, North Carolina swine, drenched in Angel Mist (a/k/a Vinegar-based sauce).
    I think you meant to say “grill.”

  4. @ Kirk: Yes, I hear you on that one, as a CA native. Although here in the SF area, earthquakes have been more of a concern than fires in the last few years. Of course, it will all be moot if we up and run out of water.
    @ jhmd2000: LOL! Damn, that sounds hella (yes, I said “hella”) good, but here out West it’s bar-b-que (bbq). We can put it down out here, too, luv.
    I suppose next you’ll have me say “pop” instead of “soda” 😉

  5. Miss,
    I know all about that So Cal tri-tip with the sticky-icky-icky, but your main problem is that yall can fillet it, but you can’t say it. BBQ is a noun, full stop.

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