I just wanted to share this e-mail I received and the story behind it.

I just wanted to say congrats on the 1 year. Your show has been great. My son is Caleb from the golf store and he loves to listen to you. He is in school now. The other day someone said that the ydidnt like you and he said that you are great. He told them about being on the radio and you telling to never be scared to talk in front of people.
I met this gentleman at Golfsmith in October, I believe.  Mark Packer did his show from Raleigh, and I was invited to sit in with him (I’ll let you know when that happens again).  While I was there, one gentleman was so kind as to call up and threaten to come and kill me.  Specifically, he said “you’ll know it’s me because I’ll be a 6-foot-4 white man choking a little black man.”  Not pleasant.
Boo Weekley was a guest on the phone, and a boy about eight years old or so asked him a question.  Looked nervous as hell, but he got through it.  After he got done, I told him that I thought that took a lot of courage, and it’s good that he was in a position to see that he had nothing to lose when it was time to talk.  I’m a grown man who talks to people for a living, and it still makes me a little shaky to speak on a microphone in front of a bunch of people.  Kid had something in him I don’t really have in me.  He needed to know that, I thought.
Those are the stories you get to tell when you do radio.  When you do writer, the good stuff is when your colleagues compliment you.  In this one, it’s when kids do stuff like that.
Thanks, Caleb, and thank all of you for all of everything.