James Brown Is Dead

That feels strange to even type.  James Brown is dead?
I think I’ve got the first regret of my life.  In 2003, JB was playing the House of Blues in Anaheim (when I lived on that coast).  I really wanted to go, but I couldn’t find anyone that had the money or time to check out the show with me.  I decided after that show passed that I would find a way, no matter what, to see James Brown live before one of us died.
Closest I got was watching him on the BET Awards.
I’ll just say this about James Brown–only the Beatles rival his influence on American pop music.  That’s it.
And with this being Christmas and all, here’s a link to JB’s underrated version of “Merry Christmas, Baby.”

3 responses to “James Brown Is Dead”

  1. Jarrett Avatar

    The great ones always go to soon; even if they did have 70+ years on earth and nearly 50+ in the game.

  2. Rex Avatar

    I read on Netscape News today that Spike will be making his Biopic. That should be good!

  3. Alia Avatar

    2006 was a rough year for Black luminaries.

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