Lenny Williams in Concert?

Just saw an e-mail from the Ticketmaster listserv, and it seems that Lenny Williams will be coming to Fayetteville, NC in May. That begs the question…does Lenny have two songs?

Lenny will forever be known for “Because I Love You,” which I consider to be the greatest love song ever made. He’s begging that borders on suckerosity, but at least he stops short of putting his hand on the hood of her car to see if she’d gone out that night. But there has never been a more poignant, emotionally honest look at the anguish of having your (wo)man quit you. He never lashes out, and he actually admits that she’s got him. There’s something to respect about that. And, amazingly, he manages to never overthink the situation. That means only one thing–he really fucked up bad. When a cat gets dropped and never once wonders what happened, he did something for real. ‘Tis amazing what can be gleaned from the unsaid.
(Speaking of that song, it was the lead track on the Glutton for Punishment list on Valentine’s Day. When I get this radio blog thing going, I’m going to put all those lists up for your pleasure and/or pain.)
But before and/or after Lenny does his masterpiece, what else is he going to sing? Is there a remix called “Still Love You” with Common and Teddy Pendergrass?
This brings about an interesting question. There are a host of one-hit wonders out there. Has there ever been a one-hit wonder that did one song so well that you would be willing to pay for a concert ticket to hear only one song? Would you drop a dub for one track?
I’m a little too young to go see Lenny live; I felt like a toddler when I saw After 7 live last summer–that’s a hysterical story I’ll have to tell on here one day–and they’ve had decent records since I’ve had a driver’s license. Lenny ain’t been on the radio since Wilt Chamberlain played for the Lakers. To put that in perspective, Wilt’s been dead for about six years, and he wasn’t a young man when he passed.
And a corollary question–if there’s no one-hit wonder you’d pay to see in concert, what song do you think is dope enough to be worth the price of a ticket?
So what’s up?

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  1. I’m not sure if I would pay to see just one one-hit wonder, but I would pay to see a lineup of one-hit wonders. The concert might include the dude Johnny sumthin who sang ‘Just Got Paid, it’s Friday Night’, Brownstone, Chanyce, Xscape, ‘El General’,Tony Terry and last but not least, Colonel Abrams. (I know some of them had more than one hit, but what can I say?).
    Bomani’s note – wow, Johnny Kemp? I bet you could find him singing that song on Sunset outside of Dublin’s on the right night.

  2. Bomani, now you’ve done it. I’m supposed to be working and now I’m reminiscing on all my favorite groups from the 80’s. Back in the day black folks listened to white groups and it was cool. Some of my favorites were Sting, The Flock of Seagulls, Duran Duran, Devo, Phil Collins. Heck, I even remember when Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers were gettin’ heavy rotation on ‘urban’ stations with ‘Islands in the Stream’! Times sure have changed.
    Bomani’s note – any other references to A Flock of Seagulls will get you or anyone else banned. That applies to my mother, nephew, professors, and unborn kids.

  3. OK, we’re back to subjects I can actually comment on. (Man, I should’ve been paying attention in Civics class — wait, we didn’t have Civics. Thanks once again, South Carolina public schools!)
    “I watched television until television went off.” Classic material.
    Speaking of one-hit wonders, ya boy Frankie “Double-Dutch Bus” Smith has to be added to any list of one-hit wonders. I didn’t see it, but a friend of mine tells me Frankie did a damn-near HALF-HOUR VERSION of the song in concert that had e’rbody clapping their hands and moving their feet!
    Colonel Abrams in concert? I already bought the greatest hits CD, so I’m with it. You can put him out there with Suave’ and Gerrardo (aka Rico Suave’). We can also get Mantronix, After 7, Afroman and Terrence Trent D’arby on that bill.
    What’s Tim Dog doing these days? I’m sure he’d be available. Rob Base and EZ Rock are probably available as well.
    And Bo, what about ya boy Raheim?
    Bomani’s note – something tells me that Rahiem’s show will be at a spot that seems like Studio 54 compared to those spots I went to in Houston.

  4. Let’s see….for my good money, like strong4u, I’d have to see a line up of artists singing that one song….
    Eddie Holman – Hey There Lonely Girl
    BloodStone – Natural High
    Shirley Brown – Woman to Woman
    Bobby Caldwell – What You Won’t Do For Love
    J. J. Fad – Supersonic
    Sir Mix A Lot – Baby Got Back
    Tisha Campbell – Push
    Snow – Informer
    Mokenstef – He’s Mine (remix included)
    Skee Lo – I Wish
    That guy that sung “Back in the day when I was young I’m not a kid anymore…”
    Lord something and Peter Guns – Deja Vu

  5. In reference to those who shall not be named, all I can say is check out Bands Reunited on VH1.
    But no way, to hell with the one hit wonders. I can’t think of a single one I can still tolerate. And does anyone see the potential crossover that we’ve got with the Concert in Hell lineup? This could be an entire damn tour…

  6. Can’t think of any one hit wonder I’d pay to see. However I could think of a two hit wonder line up I’d pay top dollar to see. Imagine JT Money (“Shake What Your Mama Gave Ya” “Who Dat”) opening for my foavorite island cronner Billy motherfucking Ocean. I aint talking bout Big Boi neither, the Carribean King himself. Billy, JT step out of my dreams and on to the stage and lets get these hoes on the dance floor.

  7. Well, technically, Lenny Williams can’t be called a one-hit man ‘cuz he sold a record or two frontin’ Tower of Power. If “‘Cuase I Love You” gets played out, he can flesh out his set w/T.O.P. hits like “What is Hip” or “So Very Hard to Go”. See, there’s three songs.
    Bomani’s note – good lookin’ out on that, pimpin Willie. Now, do you think that Lenny’s swole now? Remember, Victor Conte of the BALCO debacle used to play bass for T.O.P. And no, he ain’t got shit on Bootsy.

  8. Fred Batiste, A Weapon of Mass Destruction

    Awite.. JJ Fad had “Way Out”
    Sir Mix-A-Lot had “Posse on Broadway,” “My Hooptie,” and “Put’em on the Glass”
    JT Money was a member of the Poison Clan..so he got underground hits
    Billy Ocean had “Suddenly” along with “Caribbean Queen”
    Here’s some more one-hit wonders
    Reebie Jackson-Centipede
    MC Brains – Oochie Coochie
    Candyman – Knockin Boots
    Damian Dane
    That dude who made Donkey Butt
    The “White Tee” people
    Dreamboy- I Promise (I Do Love You)
    The Mac Band -Roses Are Red
    Melly Mel -Pump Me Up (Nigga shoulda stayed with Flash)
    Three Times Dope
    that’s all i know, so far…but I think there is more…
    I’m tempted as hell to start singing “I run so far away” and go play some GTA, but Bo might track me down and have a discussion with me
    Bomani’s note – slow down, pimpin. It was noted that Billy Ocean had more than one hit. And good call on Mix-a-Lot…SWASS isn’t a bad album. But if you’d pay to see the White T boys, you and Strong4U will soon be sitting around listening to A Flock of Seagulls records, cuz the both of you will be banned. I got standards, jack.

  9. Fred, there’s no shame in being a Fan of the Flock. Wait, yes there is.
    Some possibilities came to mind once I thought about it a little bit.
    Kris Kross
    The Baha Men
    Right Said Fred
    The fruitcakes that came up with The Macarena
    Rockwell (I’m amazed that I even know that.)

  10. Fred, there’s no shame in being a Fan of the Flock. Wait, yes there is.
    Some possibilities came to mind once I thought about it a little bit.
    Kris Kross
    The Baha Men
    Right Said Fred
    The fruitcakes that came up with The Macarena
    Rockwell (I’m amazed that I even know that.)

  11. Fred Batiste, A Weapon of Mass Destruction

    hold up.. Flock of Seagulls got records??? Say bruh…I just said I remember that one song…it’s not like I’m gonna be rapin’ Morpheus or whatever the kids use for MP3s of the flock…
    what’s next..i’m going to be listening to Kraftwerk’s “Trans-Europe Express?” Oh yeah..I do every time I hear Planet Rock.
    only reason I mentioned the Flock was because of the commercial for GTA: Vice City and the VH1 I love the 80s reference to that song and the Walter Payton ‘Roos commercial…
    Bruh..you right..SWASS was a pretty good album. I knew I was listenin to that every time I got home from school back in the gap.
    I’d rather play with gasoline near a trash fire than to give my hard earned money to the White Tee boys…I wouldn’t pay to see them if my life depended on it…it’s that real, son.
    (DISCLAIMER: Act’s on the one-hit wonder list have not really done anything to get into the Concert in Hell. Therefore, they will not be around, well maybe Rockwell for that God awful fake British accent).
    BTW: Bo, you really think Lenny’s on the clear since he and Victor Conte go wayy back? that would be a trip

  12. If all teachers were this hot...

    Can I tell you how young this post makes me feel? Most of these acts I’ve never heard of, and the ones I do know I remember from watching fuzzy videos on The Box in my friend Niecey’s bedroom. Man, “Put ’em on the Glass” was the closest thing to soft porn allowed on network television back in the day. Youth doesn’t mean I don’t have my own list of one-hitta-quittas. Failure knows no generational bounds:Davina: This chick mighta made it if she’d just held on long enough to catch the NeoSoul wave.Lucy Pearl: So much star power. Who knew they’d only make it one album into the game? (And this doesn’t count the reformation of the group with Joi…if you can name a single they put out since said reformation anyway.) Sisqo: Name one song off that album besides the Thong Song without looking it up, I dare you.New Birth: The only old schoolers on the list. They did have enough heat to put out a “Best of” album, but I would honestly pay to see this group perform the entire extended version of “Wildflower” live.

  13. Man, I would pay some loot to see Tony Terry, Shirley Murdock or even Rick Ashton (Ashley) – A Strong Man (to ever let you go). There’s a couple of others that I can’t think of right now.

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