Oh yeah, you knew this was coming.  And since I’m having a pretty dreadful morning, I need to use the lunacy of others to make me smile.  If you feel the same, then MAIL CALL!!! is for you.
Today’s MAIL CALL!!! is in response to this ditty on Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith.  Check it out if you get the chance.
(Before we get to the MAIL CALL!!!, I urge you to check out the last couple of e-mails, if nothing else.  Trust me, it’s worth it.)
Where to start…let’s start with a misunderstanding.  Check this one from David.

I started reading this column with the feeling that I’d disagree with your ideas.  I was wrong.
Not that I agreed with them all, but they were all reasonable and defendable positions.  I especially liked your reference to Rhodes, Dungy, Green and Edwards as “retreads.”  That, indeed, is a sign of achieving equality.
Too bad NFL teams don’t show the same care when hiring white head coaches.
I don’t know if you meant to imply that Jackie Robinson shouldn’t be regarded as a hero.  You probably didn’t, but that’s the way it seemed to come out.  If a hero is one who overcomes immense adversity, I think Robinson qualifies.  Perhaps not to the same degree, but I think Branch Rickey must deserve some praise as well.  There should be some credit for the man who provided the opportunity without being forced to, as well as for the man who was capable of making the most of it.

In no way did I mean to imply that Jackie Robinson is not a hero.  However, he is not a hero for being the first black man in baseball.  He is heroic for being able to withstand the abuse that came with that.  But being the first guy to get the call didn’t make him any better baseball player than he would have been had he played in the Negro Leagues his whole life.
This is from Antoine.

…coaching in the Superbowl should’nt be cause for adulation, then what bigger stage can the positive reinforcement of African-American capabilities within the scope of this arena be….?
-Signed; A Brotha hearing you, but respectfully not feeling you.

I don’t think there’s anything too bad about black people celebrating this in the name of shared struggle.  Those who’ve felt the boot of racism surely feel good when good things happen to those who have suffered the same.  It is the NFL that I do not think should be patted on the back for this, and I still don’t see how successful black coaches really equals progress.
But Antoine and I e-mailed on that one and got it straight.
Let’s hear what Corey had to say.

Forgive me, if I don’t celebrate this “historic” Super Bowl with you. I’m an Irish American, or white, if you prefer, and I gotta tell you, it’s pretty rediculous for you and your colleagues to be praising this event so much. There’s always talk about not enough black coaches. What about the players?
Have you ever noticed the ratio of black players to white players? What is it, like 10 to 1? But yet, blacks are only 13% of the population. You don’t hear white people complaining about that do you?
The bottom line is, blacks do not want equality anymore, you want it all. It’s too bad there aren’t more people like me who see it for what it is, and are so damn sick of hearing about it.

We’ll let Corey slide for obviously not reading closely.  But I must say I get tired of people telling me about the things that white people don’t complain about…while they complain about something black people say.  I do think it’s a shame white dudes are dissuaded from playing tailback and corner.  But until white people are encouraged not to do something because of a prevalent notion of intellectual inferiority, keep that bullshit outta my ear.
Paul, c’mon down…

What’s your point?
Need I remind you that the coach for the worst team in the NFL this year was black.
Race has nothing to do with it so stop making an issue about it.  You either can coach or you can’t, point blank

Yeah, but how do you find out if you can or can’t coach if you can’t get a job?
Kay, step up to the mic.

What a negative way of looking at a positive event.
You sound like a person who simply can’t be pleased.
I’m glad you’re not someone I know personally! 

I cried all night after reading this one.
Here’s Eric.

I normally look forward to reading articles about the big games , not this year . Every single black writer on ESPN has decided to write about the black coaches in the super bowl (suprise, suprise), one word comes to mind , pathetic .
The whining , sensitivity and racist lines throughout your article should be appaling to any competent white person on the planet . It’s really not a huge deal and we as the majority are tired of hearing about it every 2 seconds . Why don’t you right a factual article for once instead of a biased commentary ? Maybe a look into the Duke lacrosse case ? A case in which 3 white individuals of a very prestigious universities lifes are now essentially ruined thanks to a scandalous black stripper . Racism goes both ways and more often against whites these days , it’s not a theory , it’s a fact . I don’t see white columnists bragging that whites have sent a total of 158 out of 160 quarterbacks and coaches to the super bowl before this year . If they did that would be racist right ? But just keep writing your articles on race and keep the fire burning so we keep drifitng farther away from a utopian society in which everyone is equal and people can look beyond race .


How do you write the sentence, “that’s a damn shame?”  I promise you that if a G.M. of a professional football team felt that a black coach was more qualified than a white coach he would hire them.  It is not the fault of the N.F.L. if there are not an equal amount of highly qualified black coaches.  It shouldn’t be an issue at all.  If there are 30 black head coaches that owners and G.M.’s feel are better for the job they should all be hired.  Same goes if there are 30 white head coaches that they feel are better for the job.  It’s not a racist thing at all.  If a white coach does a better job, then it should be his job.  If a black coach does a better job, then the job should be his.  It really gets old hearing about how, perhaps less qualified people are being interviewed for jobs just because there needs to be more diversity in the NFL.  I would like to know what your opinion is on that. 

He might be right.  Maybe people really do just hire according to who they think is better for a given job.  So, who wants to talk about how those conclusions are reached?  We’d be here for days.
Here’s Ben, who’s not to be confused with former Red Stripe Reader of the Month Ben.

I have always read your articles, but the time has come to boycott your writing. A BLACK COACH WILL BE VICTORIUOS IN LESS THAN 2 WEEKS.
That’s great news, for everyone! But hey, you dont care- far too many coaches arent black. Thats my fault. Im white, not rich enough to employ a black nfl coach, and oh yeah- I’m white. So I’m the problem, right?
You have a fight between timing and history that is no fault of your fellow man, yet you hold that fellow responsible? I WANT EQUALITY AS BAD AS YOU DO!  Why must you incite such hatred towards those that can’t change history any faster than you?

I don’t get why people take analyses of macro-level phenomena so personally.
Say hi to Mike.

As long as there are writers like you who continue to crybaby about the condition of the Black community, we will never be able to put the inequities of the past behind us.  Why can’t you celebrate Lovie and Tony and their marvelous accomplishments instead of downplaying them by whining about the past?  You should be ashamed and embarrassed by this ridiculous column and be thankful that most people don’t even consider their color any more, just the race-baiters and opportunists like you and Bob Herbert.  Get a grip.

I told Mike it was high praise to put my name in the same sentence as Bob Herbert’s.  He didn’t reply.
This is Randy.

IMO, people like yourself who demand Affirmative Action and racial quotas are just as racist as any member of the KKK.  All you people see is color, you want everything to be about color.  What liberals like yourself are saying is Discrimination is okay, as long as it is done on our terms.   All you are doing is advocating the same discrimination that you supposedly find so offensive.  Race should not have any part in any hiring.   General Managers and Owners should hire whoever they want to hire.  It’s their responsibility and if the person turns out to be a failure, the owners and general managers can only blame themselves.  All you people see when you look at Lovie and Tony are two black head coaches.  I see two head coaches.  Their race has nothing to do with what they have accomplished as coaches.  You people need to get a life and stop promulgating a left wing racist agenda. 

I got $20 for anyone that can find me advocating quotas.
John provides me a moment to educate.

You want to complain about the hiring, than go buy a fuckin’ team and hire who you want.  Last time I checked, a private employer is free to hire who you want.  For some reason, black colleges, college funds that only are available to minorities, admissions into universities and employment with lesser qualifications, etc…. are o.k.  So, what you are saying it is o.k. to discriminate if you are a minority, but not a majority.  You obviously lack education, and are as ignorant as the statement!!!! 

He’s never read my bio, apparently.  Let’s talk to Dory.

Can you not help but bellyache? Lord have mercy!  How do you manage to find the cloud among the silver lining in everything.  Now, you’ve probably jumped to some conclusions about me already, but just so you know, i’m neither white, male, nor corporate.  I am a black woman, an immigrant from Jamaica and I have hardest time relating to the bellyaching that “African-Americans” like to do all the time.  Nobody said that Tony Dungy or Lovie Smith should, or do feel anymore thankful than anyone else that they’re coaching in the Big Show.  And why shouldn’t they feel honored to be the first black coaches in the SuperBowl?   Anyone fortunate enough to be a coach in the SuperBowl should and I’m sure does feel both honored and thankful for the blessed lives they have.  There’s no need to make rash generalizations to bolster your weak point of view.  Besides it’s ridiculous and insulting to the civil rights pioneers of the past and the ordinary people, black, white and otherwise, including Dan Rooney, who stuck their necks out and worked their asses off to make such a milestone possible, to say that there’s “nothing worth celebrating about a league that forces” diversity and opportunity in hiring for it’s most prestigious leadership positions.  Have you never rooted for a team just because they had a black quarterback or a black coach?  I have!!   While these milestones don’t mean “mission accomplished” on the ending racism front, it does send a signal to people of all creeds, young people especially, that they can reach the highest level of the profession of their choice.  Why couldn’t the context of your article be “hey look at what’s happened, what’s possible now?”, instead of “yeah, but we had to work harder to get there and things are still unacceptable and I’m not thankful for crumbs – and hey try doing your job with a giant chip on your shoulder and a target on your back”……uggghh!   Say something new….something that creates a compelling future…nobody would still be listening to MLK and he wouldn’t be revered as an American hero if all he did was bellyache about what’s not right with America in the absence of an inspiring vision for the future.   Sorry for the mouthful.  I never write these kinds of letters, but I just had to this time.  Peace out- Dory Edwards, Phoenix, AZ

First, it should be noted that she ain’t gotta do shit but stay black and die.  Writing e-mails isn’t among them.  And nope, I’m not happy about the fact that the Rooney Rule is necessary.  I’m not prepared to take racism as a given of life.  I want to see some proof that people are changing without having to be prodded before I start doing the happy dance.
Andrew thinks I’m an idiot.  I know this because he sent me an e-mail entitled “Idiot.”

I love how African Americans want to be equal, yet everytime something good happens, it’s “the first black man this…..the eighth black man this.   Two great coaches made it to the Super Bowl, period.  Quit making a black and white statement.  BTW, the qualifications scenerio or argument goes out the window, with Pittsburgh hiring the 34-year old with no head coaching experience and minimal overall coaching experience.
Explain to me why the amount of arrests and league violations have increased since the African Americans have dominated the NFL? 

Anyone got an answer for that one?  I’m an idiot, you must recall, invalidating my point of view.
Now, I close with a classic from a MAIL CALL!!! legend.  This gentleman’s name is Matt.

I’m raising hell until an all white defense is
starting in the Super Bowl again.  The country’s like
70% white, but NFL defense is like 96% black.  That’s
some bullshit right there, man.  That is
DISPROPORTIONATE.  I’m suing yall.  Alls yall.  It’s a
damn shame white men can’t get linebacker jobs, except
Brian Urlacher and they call him overrated.  When was
the last time we had a good white tailback.  It’s a
sad state of affairs.
Oh wait a minute.  You’re saying only QUALIFIED
athletes should get those jobs?  You’re saying if a
white tailback is better than every black one around
he’ll start in the NFL?  Because I’ve heard a ton of
stories where white tailbacks in college are
encouraged to become tight ends because white BOYS
BOYS BOYS – perpetual state of childhood compared to
the black MAN – aren’t EVER going to be NFL tailbacks.
Forget that, let’s just say only qualified athletes
will earn starting jobs.  Well…wouldn’t that apply to
coaching too?  Wouldn’t a head coach have to be
qualified to get the job?  Oh no?  Doesn’t work like
that?  So the NFL should hire 22 unqualified coaches
because of the color of their skin, hire 6 good
coaches (who are also black).  Then we have room for 2
white BOYS BOYS BOYS.  Yeah, that sounds fair.  It
would make up for the ugly racial history of this
county at least.  Good idea buddy!

I recognized that rambling tone.  So, I went through the archives to see if I’d ever received an e-mail from this gentleman. Whaddyaknow, he sent the single craziest e-mail I’ve ever received from a reader.  That e-mail was in response to a piece I did years ago on Marcus Dixon (btw, please check Wright Thompson’s piece on a kid suffering a similar fate as Dixon).

OJ rewrote history when he not only banged, but cut
the head off a white bitch and a white dude AND GOT
AWAY WITH IT.  Don’t give me that black guy can’t bang
a white girl garbage, because, as I saw it, black guys
can bang and kill white girls and it’s legal now.
I, as a whiteboy, did get my house shot up for banging
a black girl.  Brandon Washington, a black guy from my
area, fired three shots at my bedroom window because
he didn’t like the fact that my white ass was having
relations with a hottie little black princess named
My point:  Quit it.  We’ve ALL been discriminated
against and it’s never right.  Don’t quit bringing up
issues of discrimination and trying to find
sympathizers (I probably misspelled that…).  Don’t
quit asking for people to accept racial equality.  We
should all want those things.
Just quit:
A)  trying to make all whites feel guilty.  Fuck you,
sir for this.  It hurts and we’re sick of it.  We
aren’t like our grandaddy’s, asshole.
and quit
B)  acting like it’s not possible for a white man to
be hurt based on the color of his skin.  Again, sir,
fuck you for your shortsighted bullshit pain
inflicting editorial.
Nothing against you personally, I really enjoyed the
article and you’re probably a good guy, but you are
the straw that has broken my back.  I have a white
friend who still can’t breathe out of one nostril
based on a beating he took at the hands of about 30
black gentlemen.  Why?  Because we were at the wrong
party, flirting with black chicks.  Kill the whiteboys
was the pharse of the moment.  I ran like a bitch
because I was 16 and terrified.  he did too, but they
caught him.  He’s lucky to be alive.  Fortunately some
really cool, really outstanding balck kids risked
their own asses to save him.  Racism is ugly and it
applies even to us evil honkey devil motherfuckers
that spent their teenage years just trying to get
along with everyone.
I’m from North St. Louis county but I live in
whiteyville now (Far west of St. Louis where all the
white people go to feel safe).  My brothers and
sisters in the hood didn’t want me anymore.  They hurt
me until I ran away.  So again, fuck you for your
shortsighted painful bullshit commentary.

And on that note, I bid you a good day.

30 thoughts on “MAIL CALL!!!”

  1. Randy – “you people”???
    Eric – racism does NOT go both ways, since it’s a product of a power structure that decidedly goes only one. Pick up a book every now and again and you’d probably know that.
    Ben – needs a stiff drink.
    Matt – belongs in an institution. Padded walls are the only things against which one can throw that kind of jumbled angst without hurting somebody.

  2. Eric was on some other level, really… maybe he’d like things “back how they used to be,” perhaps? (ok, bit too far…)
    Being mentioned alongside Bob Herbert, I agree, is mighty fine company. I hadn’t read the NYTimes much before two years ago when I started working where I am now… he’s among my favorites… but a “race-baiter” or “opportunist”… he is more of a man who points out many cases of racial injustice around the country. Doubt it’s his fault there are so many…
    I quite a bit of black journalism hate among many of your emailers. How long till we can’t cut the racial tension with a knife? I don’t know either.

  3. (as you can tell, i’m reading through slowly and am thoroughly entertained, as you said i’d would at the top)
    Andrew’s email — Without making excuses for the black athlete, each individual situation deserves its own look. Take the Vick situation, whether true or not, where the first facts to come out were that he had a bottle with a compartment and weed. Then reports come out that say it was a water bottle with a compartment that “smelled like” weed. I bet the next report to come out will be “it was a water bottle with some obscure ‘twist-off’ compartment at the top, storing water, we think, but maybe it could be used to hold marijuana, or cocaine, or… *insert all the bad things in the world*”
    On the Wright Thompson piece — I read through it last night and couldn’t think of why they couldn’t let that poor boy out and continue his career. Hope the best for him. I never read your piece on him… got a link for the masses?

  4. This is funny on one level, but, man, is reading this shit depressing.
    I understand that the anonymity of the internet exaggerates the level of vitriol, but there are tons of people who actually believe this stuff, and some of these people are in positions of power. Don’t be fooled by their bad grammar and apparent reading comprehension problems.
    Get ready. All of this white male victimhood bullshit is going to boil over soon–and it won’t be pretty.

  5. That same white male victimhood is what made me not like Little Miss Sunshine. Damn this oppression.
    By posting their emails, with first names even, you’ve actually given these people 5 of their 15 minutes, and given them all the encouragement they need to keep on doing what they’re doing. We’d all be better off just silently praying for their quick and painful demise.

  6. First of all, I’d like to apologize for some the views expressed in this mail call. I promise that not all white people think this way.
    Second, Bo, in response to something you said in the post – that you’d get excited when people we’re changing without prodding (or something to that effect) – it is happening, at least in my life.
    When I came to school, I, like a lot of other white people, was race blind. I hadn’t known many black people, but I considered the ones I had known my equals. Everyone I knew (teachers, etc) said the same thing. Because of this, I assumed that racism was a thing of the past (or something that only happened on the margins).
    Fortunately, I went away to school and some wonderful, intelligent black people taught me how wrong I was. Because of those people, I know that Bo isn’t bellyaching.
    Unfortunately, a lot of white people don’t understand this. So they, like that dude who wrote the Dixon post, get angry. It is hard for us to understand how we’re a part of a problem that our ancestors caused. Like he said, it hurts. We do feel guilty, but a lot of us aren’t mature enough to take responsibility for that and work towards making things better. For that, I apologize.
    And on a less important, but unrelated note, I disagree with the first post.
    Maybe racism can’t go both ways, but it’s stereotypes negatively affect people of all races. One of my best friends (a white student) “racial awakening” came after he got passed over for football scholarships despite getting achieving better stats than the black students he was competing against. It seemed they didn’t think a white student could really be as good as he was as a wide reciever.
    Fortunately, he’s had the maturity to realize that black people end up on the short end of the racial stereotyping stick more often than anyone else. Now he’s working to use his experience to show white people just how damaging their racial stereotypes are.
    Sorry for the long post. I just had to say my piece.

  7. I agree with Bo’s article, I think it shouldn’t really become a huge storyline that two black coaches in the Superbowl should be seen as an unequivocal sign of progress. Regardless, I think it shows that they are great coaches, regardless of race. I mean, if Lovie Smith can get their with Rex Grossman, imagine what he could do with Brian Griese.
    Anyways, I disagree that racism can’t go both ways. And I’m not white, I’m Nepali, and the first generation of U.S.-born kids in our family. The truth is, their are some black people who do have negative attitudes towards whites, which tends to feed into the stereotype that whites have, just as much as some white people feed into the stereotype that they are racist towards blacks and other minorities. In either case, I think it’s most important not to generalize.
    There are owners like Dan Rooney who are trying to make progress. So maybe we shouldn’t be praising Tony and Lovie for being black and a head coach, but we should be praising gentleman like Dan Rooney who are trying to make progress in a system which you believe hasn’t seen much.
    I agree, the topic this week shouldn’t be a let’s-pat-ourselves-on-the-back for finally hiring black coaches who are going to the Superbowl. The topic should be let’s continue to give those qualified equal opportunities, and let’s continue to give owners like Dan Rooney ultimate praise.
    Gene’s piece on the Fritz Pollard is fantastic.

  8. I sure can relate to you, and I only run a little blog, and I get racist haters daily.
    I can’t imagine if I wrote for a big site/paper/magazine. Here’s a nice one just left in my comments:

    Rachel, you really need to find something to do with your time.
    The most racist people I’ve ever met are blacks.
    Blacks are responsible for their own problems.
    You don’t know what you are talking about. That halo you’re wearing is really your asshole and you’ve shoved your head straight up…
    Blacks aren’t failing and in prison because of racism. Blacks are failing and in prison because of poor moral habit, because they commit so much crime, and because of an illegitimacy rate of 70%.
    I suggest you close down these stupid blog. You are a raving moron.

    I guess the more white supremacists I piss off the better I’m doing. LOL!

  9. On one level these comments are funny but on another they’re deeply disturbing. Particularly bothersome is Matt’s argument. He says:
    “I’ve heard a ton of stories where white tailbacks in college are encouraged to become tight ends because white BOYS BOYS BOYS – perpetual state of childhood compared to the black MAN- aren’t EVER going to be NFL tailbacks.”
    He clearly has no historical context. Not too long ago black men were commonly referred to as boys by white adults and children alike.
    I disagree with pretty much every single one of the emails above, but this particular writer really irked me.

  10. Now just imagine their reactions if the coach was black *and* female.
    I doubt they’d have the spare time to email though, they’d be busy loading rifles.
    Ya know…because the world is so unfair to white guys.
    *eye roll*

  11. I guess I must be a different white guy, I work two jobs go to college full time and get my child off to school and pick her up from school, if that is what you call easy wow, I hope it doesnt get any harder because Im only getting about 5hours of sleep per night if it gets harder they will have to make the days longer

  12. We are pleased that there is a reason to watch the SuperBowl this year. Or should I call it the name by which it will forever be known, The SOULBOWL. That’s right, for the first time in the history of the NFL, there is a Black head coach at the head of one of the teams. Ordinarily that would be a cause for much celebration in the streets, and the rigning of bells and the sounding of trumpets. But this historic occasion boasts not just one Black head coach, but Both Head coaches in the 2007 SoulBowl are Black. This means we are spared the infantile drama of the Black man vs. the White man. We can instead get to the real drama, how mad does this really make white people. I direct your attention to sports talk radio, where I heard nothing but hate, hate, and more hate from the white folks. Even the good Christian, I marched with Dr. King types, couldn’t restrain themselves.
    The most polite comment I hear is that we should just celebrate them (Lovie Smith and Tony Dungy) as two exceptional human beings, who have achieved their just deserved rewards, without regard to their skin color.
    For those of you who may not understand, let me put it this way. Lovie and Tony and every other Black person in this country is constantly aware of the regard, or lack thereof, for our skin color. You who would suggest that we now perpetuate the fraud of some mythical colorblind society should remember Black folks didn’t make things the way they are. You have therefore forfeitied the right to complain about it.
    The other comments were just downright ignorant. Like Black folks don’t have a right to feel proud of the accomplishments of other Black folks. How dare us!?!? Like we can’t hope that this might open up some doors for us in the upper echelon of a multi-billion dollar business organization that uses us as it’s main attraction but somehow we can’t obtain any ownership interests in it?

  13. The reason that there are so many black players in professional sports is because during the days of slavery, the strongest black men were bred with the strongest black women. So, if they want to whine and moan, tell them to take it to their grandaddies.

  14. I think if your looking at the color of a coaches skin and not at the quality of the work they did then you your self are a racest, because you cannot see past the color.. You dont have to use a racial slur to be racest..
    I also find people who want to be refered to as African-American, this would imply that you had actually lived in Africa before living in America, I personally would wrather be refered to by my name not some politically correct statement.
    Personally my parents came here from Ireland im first generation here but that doesnt make me Irish-American that makes me American.
    By the way I love the Colts and was happy when Tony was hired as coach do I care that he doesnt have the same color skin that I do? no, does it make me angry that two coaches of color are in the super bowl? Who is makeing a deal out of this? The media Why? it sells papers and you tune in to the tv to listen on how few black coaches are in the NFL… How many female head coaches does the NFL have, or native americans etc…

  15. Exodus I will assume that you play pro football as you stated “uses us as it’s main attraction” because unless your a current or former player your looking at this from a racial perspective.

  16. Bomani, good a$$ blog. Glad I found it.
    tstarke, not just coaches, but if you look at any individual’s skin and overlook their work in any occupation it is a racist view. The funny thing is that that’s the problem. What does the face of a surgeon look like? Now…what does the face of a gas station attendant look like? What does the face of a race car driver look like? Now…what does the face of a crack peddler look like?
    The point should be evident that the exception to the prototype (or stereotype) will always be seen just as that, “the exception”. “We” did not make-up these rules for such differences in personage in regards to skin color, but we are reminded of them everyday. Even so, the cornerstone of this country was founded on those differences, such that…that aura is stained into the very fabric of our current culture. Thus, “the majority” is allowed to enjoy certain privileges not afforded to the remaining minorities. That may be difficult to grasp for a non-minority in any society. This isn’t South Africa where the white man is in minority, and feels it a qualified necessity to oppress in order to contain a numerically overwhelming majority. We are 13% of the population. So all I ask is that you lose the colorblind ideology, and try your best to understand. Just for the record, I personally don’t need your penitence, no more than I do from any other individual member of the majority. Just acknowledge that the deck is overwhelmingly stacked in your favor thanks to your/”our” founding fathers.
    So when we make reference to “African-American” or “black” ______(insert random previously rarely attained/unattained profession), we are only SUPPORTING our own. Not degrading all others.
    BTW, the term “African-American” at least references a geopolitical location, unlike the term “black”. Furthermore, just for kicks, what comes to mind when you think of an “All American” guy/girl?
    I agree with you about the media needing juice to sell stories though. That same media also finances your bowl viewership though. Can’t win um all.

  17. I dont think that people should be color blind, but wrather just look past the color at the person, if that person is an nice guy/gal cool if they are a jerk fine…
    I simply am just tired of the media coverage over something that has nothing to do with sports and all to do with selling magazines…
    Its exactly like the whole duke rape case, woo did that make huge news when it first broke, and news crews were all over that, rich white kid rapes colored exotic dancer… You couldnt find a news paper, magazine, news channel that wasnt covering this hell even the naacp made there way down to point out how bad those white boys were, but what happened when the case crumbled? Coverage almost entirely goes away. They hold the DA solely responsable for everything… Now I think this DA is a complete looser and needs to be thrown in jail for what he did, but I also think that the media should at least cover this a little better as it is when you think duke rape case you think of the either the white rapest or the DA…
    All im saying is the media covers crap like this to spark racial unrest and promote blogs like this one, where we pointlessly argue who is more racest…
    Who cares we are all at some level racest, and no matter where you live who you know what color your skin is you are somewhat racest.
    The key to all of this is to just treating people fair as my grandfather told me treat people as you would like to be treated… I think that is a fair statement

  18. out side of this argument, and hopefully to change the subject to something other than race, who’s everyone going for on super sunday?
    I myself will be pulling for the colts, I hope that 18-88 combo can light up the bears secondary

  19. You obviously lack education, and are as ignorant as the statement!!!!
    BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Wait, I got it! Those two – count ’em! TWO! – Masters degrees were just a result of Affirmative Action, right?

  20. I’m almost tempted to respond to some of those comments but I realize their “complaints” about your post is the same rehashed crap that has already been addressed before. If I wanted to listen to mindless droning, I’d befriend an air conditioner.
    It never ceases to amaze me how whites can be so wrong about something like racism but speaks with so much conviction. Some seek sources to come to a conclusion. They seem to form a belief and then find sources that only reinforce their belief.

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