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Business…here’s Kieran Darcy and I debating who should be the top pick in the 2007 draft–Greg Oden or Kevin Durant.  And here’s a list I did on the great freshman seasons of all time.
Now, here’s the thing about the list of freshmen…that was the single most difficult piece to write in my life.  For some reason, no one’s been kind enough to compile a list of Freshmen of the Year or Freshman All-American teams.  So I had to go through anecdotes, what I’ve seen in 26 years and the NCAA record book to come up with this.  In other words, I’m sure I missed a few things.  Feel free to let me know your thoughts and picks.  And unlike the 25 lists, I encourage you to add your lists in the comments.
SSP…check me out at 4:20 ET on 850 The Buzz in Durham with my man Adam Gold.  Great guy he is, and it should be some good radio.  I believe we’ll be talking about the Super Bowl coaching matchup.
Speaking of 25, been a while since we did one of those.  So I’m putting up my top 25 Southern MCs of all-time later today.  Check back around 3:00 ET.

12 thoughts on “More coming later”

  1. COMING SOON…the unauthorized WMD report on where the hell he’s been these past few months…..
    Baba…read the ESPN piece. I should known you would have been pro-Durant, you burnt urnge (orange for the normal people) lover you.
    But after reading, you convinced me that Durant’s better the Eddie Kang Jr., I mean Greg Oden….

  2. An impressive list for sure, but…
    What about Mike? Jordan averaged 13.4 ppg his freshman year, and shot 53.4% from the field. He was the ACC Freshman of the year in 1982, and knocked down the winning shot in a National Championship game(he also had 9 boards that game). That’s gotta at least put him in the argument for the top 10 freshmen of all time.

  3. You convinced me, too
    Though, to be fair, the other dude’s arguments were kinda weak. How many ways can one say “Oden’s a nice guy who loves basketball” before it starts sounding the same?

  4. Greg Oden looks like Bill Russell.
    Kevin Durant looks like he’s hungry.
    I see the magic in both of them.
    Kenny Anderson’s line from his freshman year of college . . . 20.6 ppg, 8.1 apg, 5.5 rpg, 51.5 FG percentage, 41.0 3-point FG percentage . . . yikes. He gots down.
    That’s better than Steve Nash’s last two MVP seasons statistically. And I’m from Arizona.

  5. 3:00 Eastern, that was before you spent 3 more hours saying, “3000 above Big Boi? Or Daddy Fatsacks over Johnny Vulture? What about DJ Paul? He is a dog, one I can not trust, so how do I rate that?
    What would Lord Infamous be doing if he were a free man? Does The Greatest enter the discussion after all that Ali Rap marketing?
    Fuck it all, I’ll drink this lean my own damn self, screw that idea down and chop it up.”

  6. One of the best freshman seasons of all time came from Keith Lee @ (then) Memphis State. The guy averaged 18.4 ppg, 11 rpg and 3.5 blocks. Patrick Ewing got more ink, but Keith Lee had the better freshman season.

  7. I’m happy. You got Wayman in there!!! He was the king of the campus when I was at OU my freshman and sophomore year. Treated more like royalty than any football player ever had been. Although it helps when you’re 6-fuckin-9.
    He plays a mean bass now…

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