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You know, maybe I gave Vicente Fox too much credit a few weeks ago. Check this here.
Man, look at the coolers on that lil’ niglet!

I mean, good googly, who else wants a slice of cornbread? Or maybe a sweet slice of watermelon?
(Lemme stop. If the Trench Coat Mafia had rolled up on me at school that day and asked me to renounce my love for watermelon, I’d have become a martyr. Most disappointing moment of my week was cutting open a watermelon and finding out it was soft in the middle like Alicia Keys.)
(And speaking of the goodness of cornbread, her name is Beyonce Knowles. Haaaam-burger…)
The article pretty clearly explains the origins of the character, none of which justify this. So, for Disney’s next big anniversary, should the US put out a stamp with some of those “blackface” Mickey Mouse cartoons the company tries to ignore ever happened (note–Disney puts money toward my mortgage here and there for my work for
But let’s go back to Fox. What I did not realize the last go ’round as that Mexico has a larger black population than one might think. You’d think that, growing up in Texas, that I’d know more about Mexico, but I did not. A few folks hipped me to that, and I thank them for that.
So, now that we know that buddy’s familiar with blackness, his previous statements are seen in a different light. Now that this stamp is out, I don’t think there’s any doubt what one should think about the Mexican government’s opinions of black folks. Matter fact, it seem like it would be much of a stretch to say this indicates general Mexican attitudes about Negros.
Again, get a look at the coolers on Lil’ Nigger Jaime! And Senora Beulah behind him…before you finish saying “let’s,” she’s saying “eat.”
Probably some hogmaws. Pork rinds as an appetizer.
Well, I always say I wish I had a time machine. Clearly, I don’t need one…I can buy a stamp and go back to the time of Al Jolson.

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  1. For all of Fox’s talk, his government’s actions are pretty much transparent there. Nope, not much debate on how the Mexican aristocracy feels about us.
    But a more important point- Beyonce over Alicia Keyes?!?! Beyonce’s thickness is overrated- give her 10 years and you’re looking at Aretha. Alicia, on the other hand, will keep it tight for decades to come. That video with Ursher opened my eyes…
    I’ll cross that bridge in ten years, pimpin’. Right now, it’s she and Serena Williams dueling for my heart. They like brown stallion horses with skates on. Like a hot comb on nappy-ass hair. Smellin better than a plate of yams with extra syrup. Spottieottiedopalicious angels.

  2. Please, on the attractiveness scale, Alicia can’t compete with Beyonce. At best, she falls somewhere between “cold sore” and “head wound”.
    I can’t wait to see what Fox does next to top this. What an asshole.

  3. Beyonce definitely makes me feel like a chiefed a whole O of what Presidential…but so does Amerie lately. Damn, damn, damn, James.
    And those stamps…make me feel a little sick for having defended Fox’s comments a while back. I was naive in thinking that such things only existed here in America with any regularity. I guess I want to hope that there’s better out there.
    I mean, how can Mexico afford to be that way? They don’t even have a pot to piss in on lay-away. I guess I’m just stupid.

  4. DvnlyInspdDiva

    Umm…last time I checked “Pinguin” wasn’t Spanish for Monkey! And clearly, that is a “negroid monkey.” And when’s the last time you really saw a black woman looking like that and you weren’t watching Gone With The Wind or Roots!?!?! No lesbo, but I agree with ChappedLarry’s commentary…A Keys’ has it in the long run. But, all women should aspire to be as bootylicious as Beyonce.

  5. Fred Batiste, A Weapon of Mass Destruction

    Man that picture of that niglet en espanol got me wantin’to take off my shirt and ask folks now who wanna fuck wit Hollywood cote!!!!
    Look I dont’ really compare Alicia Keys with Beyonce…they both can get it…but Beyonce gets priority cuz baby got that Popeye’s card!!!!
    Now, Don’t Everybody like the smell of gasoline???

  6. Now i’ve had the pleasure of meeting all of these young ladies in person, and I gotta say, Beyonce’ makes me go wild like Holyfield had just won the fight!!! Im sorry, i just had to throw that in there.

  7. This isnt just happening in Mexico, people of African heritage are depicted the exact same way in comic books, cartoons, and in advertising all over the world.

  8. I’d like to thank the Academy…
    I actually meant to say he’s the Reader of the Month for June. Really, go back and see some of those comments. If only I could share our e-mail exchange about someone I met in Amsterdam. Really, Ben is that dude. We’ve gotta have a drink when I’m in Atlanta for the NABJ conference in August.

  9. williethepimp

    hmm…Keys did look like she could use a sit-up.
    Damn, those negars said “niglet”. See, it’s ignint mess like this that helps us cope w/ignint mess like that.
    Can’t gamble feedin’ a baby on that dope money. Might not always be sufficient.

  10. That would be great, man…if I lived in Atlanta. Anytime you’re in Philly though.
    And hey, since I haven’t seen anyone else get such a prestigious honor, I think it should be called “The Ben Hall, Reader of the Month Award, bought to you by Red Stripe, ‘Hooray Beer!'”
    That’s what happens when you have way too much time on your hands.
    And so it shall be done. I’ll talk to the Red Stripe guys soon.

  11. For some odd reason I havent been able to comment but I’ve been keeping up with the column. I can’t believe ya’ll attempting to compare Alicia Keys and that girl Beyonce.
    They both are pretty girls and pretty thick.
    As for the stamps, it just seems like the beginning of some more things coming out of mezheeko. We’ll see what they drum up next.

  12. Ya’ll know I couldn’t get on at the post office because of cloudy piss!!
    Now I see why Bush and Fox are such good buddies. They have a history of putting their foot down on “Penguini’s” neck.
    I want to cast my vote for Beyonce, but Alicia is closing fast, especially since she got rid of dem “plaits”.

  13. paradoxically enough, at least one Mexican state had a black governor as recently as 2002…the stamp, however, is minimal compared to what sails through on Telemundo and Univision every week…black TV and Movie characters are locked in the same time warp as that stamp.
    btw, i’ll roll with bey-once,twice,thrice.

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