Just heard that they’re going to be housing people at the Astrodome. Dome’s a dome, right? Seen how bad things are at the Superdome? Dome’s a dome, right?

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  1. The need to spread the people out a little more and make sure they get food and medical treatment. I don’t know why everybody needs to be in one spot; that’s a recipe for disaster.

  2. Also, backed up bathrooms and comparatively little water and food in the city from what we hear. Besides, when you mass relocate that many people, what the hell do you do?
    Besides, I don’t think anyone was prepared for this, and it just might be the first idea they had.

  3. The mayor of Nawlins’ originally suggested bringing in cruise ships to house folks and I think they should stick with that idea. Having people sleep in stadium seats is cruel and unusual punishment. (I know how it feels after watching a ball game for 2-3 hours, imagine sleeping in one of those hard stadium seats?!?)
    Besides, how could a city as old as Nawlins’ built in a ‘basin’ not have a disaster plan? This is America right?
    Oh buddy, I’d have no idea where to begin tackling that one.

  4. >cruise ships to house folks
    I have not been listening to what the news has to say, because I am pissed, so I did not know about this.
    The idea would be too clever though.

  5. People are getting carjacked left out right out here by the Astrodome..and the Jack in the Box across the way from it had been robbed TWICE in the past two days…not a good look

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