Racism is dead!

Well, Jamie Foxx and Morgan Freeman won Oscars. Tomorrow, we’ll hear that racism is dead. The announcement will be made tomorrow that racism is dead. Santa Claus will make the announcement, and he will be backed up by Cuba Gooding, Jr., who will surely let it be known that he’s been talking about the death of racism for the last eight years.
After all, how else would he have been able to make love to his white wife every night?

Either way, there are congrats to be issued to those cats. I can only really say that about Jamie because I saw “Ray,” a movie in which the only good thing in it was his ability to channel Ray Charles. Otherwise, you can keep that. I’m also writing this before I see who gets Best Picture, but there’s no way in hell “Ray” could win that. If it wins, the Oscars are totally ridiculous and Jamie’s Best Actor trophy is instantly discredited. If there isn’t one movie better than “Ray,” then there isn’t one rapper better than Vanilla Ice.
Yeah, I said it.
But the best part about him winning is that it makes the following hypothetical more interesting…
When the nominations came out, they instantly became catalysts for those looking to say that 2004 was a great year for black actors. Had those two not won, would that still be the case? Would that be the case had they not been nominated?
Awards are cool, but I ain’t about to define anything by them. The Oscars were industry bullshit, are industry bullshit, and will continue to be industry bullshit. Sometimes they get it right, but recognize them for what they are.
So congratulations, Mr. Foxx. Your honor was deserved. And your performance would have been just as strong without the Man’s statue.
Or an Image Award either.
Or the inevitable cover to Jet.
Or the already-drawn-up offer to star in “Snow Dogs 2: Pimpin’ Bitches in the Snow.”
Or the role opposite Halle Berry in “Catwoman 2” (great line, Chris Rock).
Matter of fact, what black person not named Denzel has continued to get good work after an Oscar? It’s like the super Lifetime Achievement Award, even if you’re only 35. The way this goes, buddy’ll be hawking autographs at baseball card shows before you know it.
But really, congratulations. No matter why, it’s wonderful to see great work get honored. I just hope the brother’s got someone tightening up his resume.

4 thoughts on “Racism is dead!”

  1. If all teachers were this hot...

    I’m sitting here eating my Shipley’s donut (which, btw, has NOTHING on Hank Aaron’s Krispy Kreme in West End ATL, and I know that’ll probably get some Texans mad) reading this post and I have to say that maybe you’ll give more reverence to awards after you get your first Pullitzer.Aw, who am I kidding? You’ll probably accept the award by saying, “So, who died and left all their money to you so I could win?”Cynicism. A blessing and a curse.
    Bomani’s note – you know me so well. And no, Shipley’s can’t hold a candle to Krippy Krem (and if you’ve spent anytime in the West End, you know that’s the proper pronunciation of the restaurant’s name).

  2. Racism ain’t dead. It’s not even sick. If you don’t believe me ask Craig Hodges, any nigga that sells crack as oppossed to cocaine, or James Bennett.
    Congrats to Jamie Foxx for the Oscar, but I don’t think its going to help my black ass get a job or house loan .
    Shout out to Hattie McDaniel

  3. After I saw Ray, I told Bomani via email that Jamie would win an Oscar for Ray. With Black actors being nominated for Oscars, I think it puts their work up against other mainstream work. That to me says, this might not be better, but it is as good. Same for Ray the movie. I agree with Bomani that Ray could not have been the best movie, but I know for it to be nominated, it had to be as good as the others.
    And Bomani, you analogized Ray to Vanilla Ice??? That’s like comparing you to Armstrong Williams.
    Lastly, as far as Denzel, has always been the anomally in Hollywood. There are other great Black actors who do great work, but name one other who can do a dramatic role and still be a big box office draw? There is none! I think Hollywood pegged him as the go-to Black actor when they want the job done well and want to make big bucks. He is also an actor who has done good work since the beginning! That can’t be said about Jamie Foxx or Halle Berry. But good and bad work is the end result for a working Black actor in 2005…not named Denzel. So I do agree with you, Bomani. But Denzel is where is he is for more than his being a great actor.
    One more thing: Chris Rock was funny as hell!
    Bomani’s note – My man did accurately predict this months ago, so I’d like to ask him to pick my lottery numbers. But man, Armstrong Williams? Vanilla Ice ain’t that bad!

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