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Greetings, angry Caniacs!
Should you be interested, I’ll be on Raleigh’s 96 Rock tomorrow talking about the Canes and the piece that ran on Monday. I’ll be on the air around 7:15, so feel free to tune in if you want to place a voice with face and words.
Rest of ya–I have absolutely nothing to share today.
Wait, yes I do. Kobie asked why I haven’t “shit on Duke in a meaningful way” in the pieces I’ve written about the lacrosse situation. That has a pretty simple answer.
Go read the things I wrote and tell me where a randomly thrown opinion would fit in. If you can tell me where, I’d love to know. My job, before anything else, is to produce good work. There is nothing I’m so attached to that I will produce a substandard piece behind any agenda. Why not? Because if the work’s not good, you won’t read long enough to hear the opinion anyway.
If I’m commissioned to do something where a thorough discussion of race and class at Duke is warranted, I’ll do it. If it’s not, it’s not. My job is not to pepper you with opinions. It’s to bring you analysis. The trick to this job is to find significant angle that hasn’t been explored and bring light to that. After finding that point, I work to find ways to approach it. Only the approaches that are most effective are used. And no matter how passionately I feel about something, I will not put my personal desire to say something above producing a strong piece. Period.
Should that not be enough for anyone, I don’t know what to tell you.
Actually, I do. But I ain’t talking to nobody like that the day after a holiday. That would just be mean.

3 thoughts on “Radio Tomorrow”

  1. Opinions are like assholes…you know the rest.
    I find your analysis strong and insightful, and I appreciate your fresh angles. Sometimes, folks don’t realize that journalists would be out of jobs if they simply wrote according to somebody’s party line. It’s good to nod my head with recognition when I’m reading someone; it’s even better if you get my eyebrow raised in wonder or thought or (gasp!) disagreement.
    Okay, I’ll get off your jock now. 🙂

  2. What’s funny is…I ended up on your site ages ago because of a piece you wrote that I actually disagreed with (don’t even remember which it was…it was too long ago) and I’ve come to appreciate your perspective more from reading here, because I relate to you in a way that I don’t with lots of other journalism types. So even if you write a piece that I don’t like (and all your Page 2 stuff that I’ve seen in particular has been on point), I’d approach it in a totally different manner than before, because I think I relate to you better and that your not some uninformed buffoon and your writing reflects a deep understanding or at least, research and yet…still manages to bring out what seems like the otherwise uncensored “you” that I see here.

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