Scorpion and Sub-Zero are getting their alibi straight

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This may be the funniest thing I’ve seen in the ’07.
But can you really be a ninja if you ain’t got a smoke bomb or something?  Dressing like a ninja don’t make you a ninja, no more than wearing a Jordan jersey on the court entitles you to a triple-double.  I’m sure a mask or stocking would have sufficed.
This does, however, remind me of a discussion I once had with my brother.  What would you do if someone tried to rob you with some nunchucks?
Think about it.  You’re walking down the street, then someone grabs you and asks you for your money.  You look up, and all you see are chucks.  Chances are you wouldn’t take it seriously.  How preposterous is that?  Further, nunchucks don’t register in our “oh shit” list of weapons.  Guns, knives, bottles…those register.  Nunchucks?  Most of us have only seen those in movies.
And while you’re thinking about all those things, you’ve lost two teeth.  From one flex of the wrist from the robber.
Maybe being an ninja’s the move for the 21st Century Thief.

4 thoughts on “Scorpion and Sub-Zero are getting their alibi straight”

  1. It’s not funnier than the story from about a month back that the Shaolin Monks and the Japanese ninjas were beefing, because the ninjas claimed they ran up on the monks, in their spot, and beat like 150 of them. Priceless.

  2. Gawd, my friends and I used to be into nunchucks in Jr High and High School. I had hollow metal ones (lighter to swing, but still hard) with a slightly stiffer cord (no chains) between to maximize speed and force of the blow. Of course, I hurt myself more times than I can count, most likely due to the very specs mentioned above. They needed expert handling, and I didn’t have it…
    Aaaaaahh, adolescence.

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