The Let Out

I know only Californians are still at work, and they’ll only be there for a few more minutes, but here’s a suggestion to the fellas out there.  You know where all the ladies will be tonight.  They’ll be at “Sex In The City,” snickering while they recall the things they did with some dude that is NOT included in that number they throw around.  They’ll be there with or without you.
The ones that force their men to go with them will go home with their men.  The rest will be really aggravated that they’re with a bunch of women at the movies.  It’s kind of like the aftermath of a Prince concert.
That said, I don’t think going to the let out would be a bad idea.  You all know what the let out is.  The let out is when everyone leaves the club.  When you’re at the club, you post up in the parking lot afterwards and see what you can pull.
But see, I’m not talking about going to the movie.  I’m talking about good ol’ fashioned parking lot pimpin’ (oh yeah, shouts out to all those Club 559 PLP veterans, even those of you too embarrassed to admit that was your program).  Roll up to the mall to do whatever, and just chill out in the parking lot around 11:00.  Then, just enjoy the let out.
Just in case you’re looking for something to do tonight, can you dig it?

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  1. You’re not the only one Strong. I have the whole series on DVD and saw the movie over the weekend as well… I’d say that show had a lot more men in the demographic than you’d think! I mean, what guy can’t identify with Samantha Jones?

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