The Power of Google

Well, well, well…I got an IM from Aden yesterday, and he informed me that the Dutch Masters found my site. It seems they love the publicity they now have and their improbably nationwide fan base. The trip, though, is how they found it…through a wild, circuitous Google search.

So, one of the kids was doing something for his school paper on the Allure album. Some of you may remember that I wrote a quasi-review of that record for ESPN. Well, one of the Masters came across that, recognized the name, then Googled me and found themselves. Said kid must have loved the stuff because those pieces are nwo prety deep in the archive, meaning they had to do some searching and reading to find the. Well, they did, leading to the following exchange with Master Baller Mike.

(22:22:01) B. Mike: Bomani
(22:22:15) B. Mike: you are a hero of the eleventh grade at east chapel hill

That’s right…think they’ll put my name on the library? Me neither, but it’s a great thought.
The power of Google, baby. So you folks that have commented about the Masters, I say thank you on their behalf. The kids absolutely love that they’ve been immortalized. Sneaky Pete says that his friends now call him Sneaky Pete. Upon learning that people rask about them, they wanted it to be known that the league tournament starts soon, and they’re sniffing an upset. As always, I’ll keep you posted. Also, a group photo will be coming soon. And if you’d like, I’m pretty sure those of you have inquired about t-shirts could buy one off the kids. Most of them have their immortal nicknames on the back. Just lemme know…
Now, let’s hope their parents don’t stumble across this to find out about their…recreational indulgence. Yeah, like they don’t know already.
But here’s the cool thing…Baller Mike writes opinion stuff and sports, which is the same way I got started. Sneaky Pete is a real reggae enthusiast, so I’m expected to learn some things from him. Above all, these are some cool kids and, if nothing else, a helluva set of characters. Go coach your rec league team if you get the chance, folks…it’s rewarding, man. Rewarding.
Some folks have chimed in to say that their use of the Valentine’s Day lists enhanced their evenings. That’s all right. Should you be curious, I just read the list and went to sleep. Yes, I’m hatin’.
Big update on Friday. New joint, new blog banter, all that stuff. See you then.

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  1. I say we lobby ESPN for a Dutch Masters “Sportscentury” episode.
    “…When asked to comment about alleged marijuana use in the Dutch Masters locker room, Sneaky Pete and his agent issued a press release, saying “Go fuck yourself.” The Masters finished the season on a 1-16 run, silencing all the critics…”

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