Today's Black Friday question

Today is Black Friday. Chances are you’re reading this post on your smartphone while your shopping partner watches your back. It’s real in the streets, man.

Now, I’m not a big Christmas shopper. My friends and I have never been about gifts, really. When you really give each other money rather than loan it because you know it’ll come back, you don’t really need to trade presents to say what’s what. Plus, most of us are broke.
Anyway, I say that to say it’s gonna take more than a sale to get me out there today. I am curious, however, about why you are out there.
The question: are people really out there buying gifts — other than those for children — or just stuff for themselves?
I know y’all aren’t as charitable as you claim to be. Half of y’all ain’t got nickels to rub together, but you’re out there right now running up the Visa. Now are you really out there running up the bill in the name of somebody else? Are you really trying to make somebody smile at a 20 percent interest rate?
I truly have no idea, but I’m dying to know. I do have a really hard time believing, however, that folks are throwing hands behind gifts. That’s really not how we tend to get down.

Now, I’m not a “Christmas is too commercial” person. I mean, it’s as commercial as I can imagine, but I guess I’m used to that sort of thing. This is America, Jack. But I do wonder what it means when sales that are ostensibly there so you can buy gifts — the Christmas spirit, I guess — and folks are getting themselves Playstations.

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