Up For Debate: The Evolution of Sports Media | ESPN+

ESPN premiered the new three-part ESPN+ Original Series, Up For Debate: The Evolution of Sports Media. The series delves into the evolution of sports talk debate programming across seven decades. Bomani Jones is featured within the series along with various sports personalities including: Troy Aikman, Mina Kimes, Jemele Hill, among many others who’ve shaped the sports debate industry over the years.

“We’re diving deep into the heart of the game, breaking down barriers and showcasing the evolution of sports discourse,” says Executive Producer Stephen A. Smith. “From the legends who paved the way to the current Kings and Queens of the mic, we’re bringing you a front-row seat to the passion and intensity that fuel debates in today’s generation of sports. So buckle up! Here we come.”

Up For Debate is available to stream on ESPN+ now.

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