Wedding warning

Generally, men are pretty hands off with weddings.  In fact, most men are advised to be hands off with weddings, so as how to avoid drawing back just a nub.
But no matter how he’s wired, at some point, a man has to stand up and say “you must be crazy.”  Sometimes, he’s got to look at his lady and say, “no way in the world, baby.”
Contained within this link is one of those times.  Scroll down and view the madness.
When I was a kid, there was one cardinal sin in male-female interactions–never do you dare embarrass a man in front of his friends.  Somehow, that’s worse than embarrassing a man in public.  Not that public embarrassment is cool, but there’s no way to say “you embarrassed me in front of my friends” without it coming out “how you gon’ embarrass me in front my friends?”
Well…if that cake don’t count as embarrassing you in front of your friends, your mama–hell, maybe even your boss–I don’t know what does.

15 thoughts on “Wedding warning”

  1. This man is in some serious trouble.
    Is this woman so vain that having a she-cake overshadowed the fact that someone eventually had to take a knife to it/her?

  2. Stuff like this is why we, as a society, need to put an end to the notion that brides are somehow the focus or center of the party that is a wedding. It’s bad enough that they think they’re princesses already, God forbid we give them a reason to think that other people feel the same way.
    Brides – You’re not a princess, you’re just not ugly enough to be single.
    But really…it takes a gigantic sissy to marry the kind of sow that would make a wedding cake in her own image. From now on, it’s even odds as to whether the groom or bride ends up blowing more sailors week to week – don’t bet against the groom.

  3. In all the fuss about the cake, nobody even mentioned the DRESS! What is that garbage on the front? What did she say to the dressmaker, “Ooh, that vomit pattern is cute”?

  4. I was sitting in the lunchroom at work a few minutes ago and I overheard a young lady talking about the picture in question to her co-workers. She was raving about it and wanted to know who made the cake!
    I resisted the urge to walk over to the table and smack some sense into her–I need my job.

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