I’m growing fascinated with the industry that feeds itself by giving women advice. It’s a booming business with low barriers to entry. I know this because Steve Friggin Harvey is a relationship expert simply because he wrote a book. And he got the book deal because he’s a comedian.
Like I said, it ain’t hard to get a lot of women to believe you know something they don’t. The sad part is that the part they seem to be looking to find out is what they’re doing wrong. Take this one from the Huffington Post, for example, which outlines everything that could possibly be wrong with a person, ascribes said things specifically to women, slides in that she’s been married three times, and calls it “Why You’re Not Married.” If my Twitter timeline is any indication, that link didn’t hurt for clicks.
I’m not a gifted enough jackleg shrink to answer why this seems to be the case with women. I do wonder this, however…
When’s somebody gonna tell me why I’m not married?
Hey, I’m not looking for the answer to that. But I’ll tell you: give my resume to a woman, let her be single, and get ready for the questions. I haven’t had a single soul, from my parents on down, ever question why I’m single as a dollar bill. Not once has anyone — except, maybe, my former fiancee — assumed it was my fault for being alone as a grown man.
Yeah yeah, I know the easy — and correct — answers about how society views marriage differently across genders. But what amazes me is that, in all these books and the likes, few seem to have the real answer to why so many women are single…
It just worked out that way.
Yeah, some of the ladies out there are messed up. Some aren’t that cute. Some are domineering. Some are outright crazy.
And I’m telling you: I know at least one man that loves every single one of those types. I mean every single one. The homie that loooooooves him a big girl? I got a few of them. Lots of degrees but still likes em gutter? I know a couple of them, too.
I’m not exaggerating. The idea that women have these deep-seated flaws that prevent them from finding mates is so hilarious to me because those flaws never stopped anybody from marrying women before. What, crazy chicks are something new? Hell no, man.
There’s nothing new to this at all. The truth is that marriage is hard as hell. The mere thought of melding your life into someone else’s, and keeping that life together no matter what may come up, is incredibly daunting. When people mention a 50 percent divorce rate, I’m still amazed that it’s so low.
And this is in an era when marriages may actually involve two people that have votes! Yeah, was a whole lot easier to keep peace in the home with the man was all-powerful and made all the decisions. It doesn’t work that way now, nor necessarily should it. All that said, how many operations with two people in charge have you ever known to work without a major power struggle or 75?
This is just how life goes. Finding lifetime companionship, no matter what anyone says, is lightning in a bottle. I’ve got a nice long list of reasons that many, many women would eliminate me from consideration for something long-term, including the giant red flag called RELIGION.
Is that my fault? It’s life.
For better or worse, people look up one day and think that maybe, just maybe, they can put up with that other person forever. Then they try it. Maybe it works. Maybe it doesn’t. But it’s just that sort of crapshoot, rarely born of logic. And now, that logic is coming from cats like Steve Harvey, which isn’t really logic at all, is it?
Live your life. Maybe you’ll find someone. Maybe you won’t. Maybe you’re better off for the opposite of your desires. But the operative word here is maybe.