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Kamala’s Vogue Shoot Fiasco & Capitol Hill Rioters Make Themselves at Home

Liberating a chair from Jack in the Box. Do you know any Kleptomaniacs? Did rioters believe the Capitol was their house? Bo discusses how the insurrection has created more stress (and confusion). Lori Harvey worshipped on social media. Kamala Harris’ Vogue magazine cover photo controversy. Will you find Bomani on Tik Tok? All of this and so much more on this latest episode of TEJ.

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  1. John S. Paul

    Like Le Batard, you have opened my eyes to the divide. I tell your story of looking thru a locked glass door and white people seeing you and seeing security while driving away in my arguments. I’m 101st airborne, front line combat, gulf war. Type 12B on google is my resume. Since going heads up w/ oppressor in Iraq, my joy is oppressing the oppressor thru debate because the other side will never kill me. My main problem w/ white people is : If I’m willing to kill and/or die for your “freedom of speech” & you are not willing to kill or die for my “freedom of speech “ , we have a problem off jump street.
    I believe George Washington final address “spirt is the enemy of democracy “ is happening now. Pattern also follows “double think” and cognitive dissonance. Keep up the great work.

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