An Important Issue of Great Social Import

Does anyone know where I can get arms like Mr. Fantastic?  I imagine they’d be awfully helpful about right now.

5 thoughts on “An Important Issue of Great Social Import”

  1. Do they address this in the comic book?
    Maybe the density of his arms decrease as they stretch. Noodle arms would make for a sucky power, though.
    How dare you bring something as insignificant as physics into a comic book character discussion, anyway?

  2. the extra mass comes from the Negative Zone…
    Just kidding, I wasn’t sure he added mass when “stretching”. Let me go dust off my old Marvel Universe handbooks…

  3. I always wanted Scorpion from Mortal Kombat’s harpoon. So much better than Mr. Fantastic’s arms. You could reach out, grab things across the room and bring it over. As well as impale people if you wanted.

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