I Have Questions

1.  How long do people take before they set a wedding date?  I ask this question because I’ve been asked repeatedly if we’ve set a date.  We’ve been engaged all of 12 days.  People were asking this the morning after I proposed.  Do people really set dates that soon?  Or is there just no other question to ask at that point?  Hope that doesn’t sound too snide, but I’m a wee bit confused.
2.  Did we sell Idlewild‘s soundtrack short?  I listened to a lot of it this morning, and it’s way better than I initially remembered.  In fairness, I didn’t listen to many of the Dre tracks, so it may just be as average as I thought.  Then again, it could be like U2’s Pop, which isn’t nearly as bad as people would have you believe.
3.  Anyone else heard this T.I. vs. T.I.P.?  I’m feeling it.  Not as strong as King.  Not as captivating as Trap Muzik, and not quite as interesting as I thought the concept would lend itself to be.  All the same, I dig it.  “Big Shit Poppin” goes hard hard hard, it should be said.
4.  How do you feel about Amy Winehouse?  Listened to her record.  Like it.  Love it?  No.  Like it.
5.   Anybody know what’s poppin in NY for the 4th?

15 thoughts on “I Have Questions”

  1. ‘When’s the date?’ is always one of those obligatory statements people feel like they should ask when they hear someone’s engaged.
    A better statement is “let me know what to do to keep your ass sane.”

  2. They HAVE to ask when the date is, Bo. It’s like telling somebody you in college. They gonna ask you your major.
    But the truth about when people set dates is relative. I think my wife and I chose our wedding date a couple weeks before we got married. I’ve known others to put dates off for years.
    I don’t know how I feel about Amy yet. I liked her a lot at first. But I think I’m over her.
    What’s the difference between T.I. and T.I.P.? I don’t tend to keep up with these things.

  3. Re: the wedding date thing – I think it’s more a case of there not really being anything else to ask at that point. Or, it could just be a case of folks trying to be all up in your biz, or a little of both. Getting engaged and subsequently married, just like getting pregnant, are those instances in life that become bigger than the individual involved. Families coming together and all of that good stuff. Plus, I know from planning my Mom’s nuptials which took place this weekend, weddings bring out the strangest emotions in people. All of their feelings about love and relationships, and the ability to express those things, get transferred on to the individuals involved. It’s a really interesting phenomenon.
    Love the Amy Winehouse record.
    Haven’t heard the entire T.I. vs. T.I.P., but “Big Shit Poppin” has definitely grown on me, and I also like the joint with Wyclef.
    Re: NY on the 4th, I’ll pass on anything that I hear about. Plus, there may be a BBQ in my backyard in NJ – they’re known for being pretty live, and even legndary in certain circles

  4. Left Coast Vic

    2. I’ve BEEN thinking that Idlewild was banging. The Big Boi joints are mashing straight up and down. I even have grown fond to a couple of Dre joints, namely “Chronomentrophobia.”
    4. Winehouse is pretty legit. Its not mindblowing, goose-bump inducing like the first Jill Scott, but its pretty cool. I dig the Stax sound, but I think its more a credit to the production than it is to her voice. This album will stay in the rotation for a minute.

  5. 2.) Yes. Much like SB/TLB, it was a stone mess, but it had some quality songs.
    4.) I like the Winehouse album. The music may not be original, but it burns. She tries a little too hard, but it’s not enough to derail the overall experience. I can’t see people listening to it in 5 years, though.

  6. 1. It is the next logical question. Kinda lke….__________ had a baby. Word? Boy or girl?
    2. Its an evolutionary album. In some ways its trapped by being a soundtrack to a period movie so musically it has to be things that are kinda UN hiphopish at first blush, but ultimately come off quite well over time.
    3. Im still bothered that the two personas ARENT that far apart. If you gonna do the alter ego thing…I want Jeckell and Hyde…Shock G and Humpty Hump.
    That said…dude is still something else.
    4. Sadly, for all the hype…Im not that familiar with Amy Winehouse. I think the notion of putting her in the same category as Jill Scott have slowed me even bothering to see how appropriate the comparison is.

  7. folk always ask because they’re nosy. i know some folk who have all that stuff planned out.
    i actually liked the “idlewild” soundtrack. it was pretty good.
    i haven’t heard this album. i don’t buy too much rap and i don’t listen to the radio.
    amy winehouse is pretty good. i went back and found her first album. i’m enjoying them both.

  8. 1. Asking about the date is a way to fill that awkward space in the conversation after they say “Congratulations!!!” It’s why there’s usually a “Sooooooooo…” before the date question.
    The only people I know who had the date set when they got engaged had a little bundle of joy on the way, and the engagement wasn’t a surprise to anyone.
    From what I’ve seen, if the girl is truely surprised by the asking, she’s gonna need at least 2 weeks to show off that ring and make her girlfriends jealous before any planning comes off–including setting the date.

  9. between Amy Winehouse, Joss Stone, and Lily Allen, there seems to be an influx of Britsh white girls doing soul music. Some of it is good, some of it is mediocre. Out of all three, i’m probably more of a fan of Lily Allen.

  10. Bo, some people may wanna know: a) when to plan on attending or, b) how much lead time they have on getting you that special gift… I think it’s a fair question to ask. Another analogy: “Where are you from?” “Texas.” “Really, what part?”
    As for Amy Winehouse, I liked her when she was around the first time. When she was called “P.J. Harvey.” (read as David Spade saying this like he did on SNL).

  11. Joss Stone = Fun to look at, decent albums, barely average in concert (As of 2-3 weeks ago).
    Amy Winehouse = Good album, but seems like she might be a one-hit (album) wonder. Agreed that the production is a big part of it.
    Pop = Absolute trash. You’re better than that. Stop pretending it doesn’t suck. If there’s something about that album you didn’t hear in the first 5-10 years, then it isn’t there to be heard.
    Jill Scott = Sure…I guess so. All I can remember about her is that there’s no way that bike she rode in that video of hers was standard issue. Someone…NASA, Army Corps of Engineers, someone…had reinforced that baby with something indestructible. It looked just like an elephant riding a tiny tricycle in the circus.
    Last but not least, speaking from painfully recent experience, they ask if you’ve set a date because it gives them an idea of how much time they have to interefere with the plans and generally be an unwelcome pain in the ass.

  12. Bo,
    Kirk’s final sentiments are right on. I am in the middle of planning my wedding. And the amount of people that want to but it grows. I had a huge family. I know everybody says that but I have 137 first cousins. And the amazing thing I found is the problem is not the family butting in (I mean you’ve known these people forever and they are pains in the ass but you can get through them) but the outside people. People you work with, people at church, etc etc. Take your time on the date. There is no rush and with the costs of weddings now you might need some time to put stuff together. Besides if you want to have your wedding at a specific church the church availability may decide the date for you.

  13. Kirk’s right about Pop, but Winehouse has had too much success in the UK with her first album, Frank, to just be a one hit album…there anyway, in the States, she might be.
    I like Frank better, by the way, but “Tears Dry On Their Own” is on my Top 25 most played on iTunes right now.

  14. Marisa-Andrea

    Bo, regarding the wedding date, yes it’s one of those things that people ask as soon as they see the ring. When Chris and I got engaged, I found it strange that people asked me about the date as early as four days later! I know for me, it took a couple of weeks for it to sink that we were engaged so the last thing I was thinking about four days later was the date.
    I would take it easy and enjoy your engagement for now. This is such a special time in your relationship, that you might just take a few weeks or a month to savor it.

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