Guess What's Always Funny?

So I was at the Jamaican joint picking up a couple of patties and some coco bread.  Pineapple soda, too.  Gotta have the pineapple soda.
Anyway, I’m just minding my own business when I see a kid, probably about six years old, wearing some of those shoes with the wheel on the bottom.  It’s enough when kids are figuratively hell on wheels, but why do something to add to the realism of an idiom?  When they say something stupid, are you going to literally put their feet in their mouths?
Anyway, kid’s cruising.  Got up some speend and glided toward the cash register.  I’m not exactly sure what happened next, but I know it ended with that little girl taking a quick tumble to the turf.  I mean went straight to the ground like someone rolled a ball against the wall or something.
And let me say this now, because I know what many of you are thinking but are conflicted about saying out loud–it was the funniest thing I’ve seen this week.
I mean, she wasn’t really hurt.  Just took a lick.  But man, you had to see the aerodynamics of the fall.  Classic material.
I wrote this post to say this and this only–falling down is always funny, short of really serious injury.  But if you don’t have to go under the knife for it, I’m gonna laugh.
Will you?

14 thoughts on “Guess What's Always Funny?”

  1. I’m a little clumsy and have been known to fall down on more than one occasion. After the initial check to see if the party in question is alright, that shit is always funny. I’ll never forget my nephew, at around age 10,slipping and falling, with both feet in the air, and then bouncing up off the floor. Classic.

  2. Helly’s are the shoes you’re referring too. Seems as if all the kids have a pair at the elementary school I work at. Wow she fell, that’s funny…you should see how some of them “roll” on those things..pretty impressive. Wish I would have bought stock in the company.

  3. I live for the day I see one of those foul, wretched little brats go careening into a busy crosswalk. If nothing else, their parents/guardians/foster parents/social workers should be bludgeoned for letting them wear them. Most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen.

  4. Aight, I’ll say it- I don’t even consider the serious injury thing before I start laughing. I may be foul for it, but witnessing a good fall is too funny to consider the consequences.
    I was hit by a car while crossing the street with my man in 8th grade, breaking my collarbone. Before I hit the ground, I could hear dude cracking up. I couldn’t even be mad, because once I stood up, I realized- damn, I just got hit by a car…that didn’t stop! It was so ridiculous, I had to laugh.

  5. I love a good fall, but let’s get to the more important issue: where is this magical Jamaican restaurant that actually has the shit you want?

  6. First I’m gonna pause for a few seconds and make sure there are no broken bones, and then fall out laughin from seeing the kid bust they’re hind parts on the ground. Always funny.

  7. Even with the fear of being bludgeoned by Kirk I will admit I wait until my own son gets up, or at least looks up with all his teeth, and I laugh my ass off.

  8. I only find falling funny if you are doing something you should not be doing anyway. If someone slips on the curb or trips over something misplaced on the floor I don’t find it funny at all. I’m not really sure why anyone finds humor in it.

  9. I agree with all that has been said– if you fall and you get up and you’re not seriously injured, I’mo holler.
    I think people falling (especially when they’re doing something they shouldn’t be) is funny at any age. However, at a certain point, it gets downright hilarious because as we get older, we try to break our fall. All that flailing and trying to catch oneself just adds to the hilarity.
    Notice that most kids just hit the floor without too much of a fight; I guess they know that at their young age, some falling is bound to occur.

  10. Random falls don’t make me laugh all that much. I guess I’m just too clumsy myself and empathise with them. But I’m with Spaniard about the falling down when you’re doing something you’re not supposed to do, or it’s part of a game or something.
    Just a few weeks ago, I took a hard, and I mean HARD fall. That shit wasn’t funny. And if someone would’ve laughed, I might be in jail now. The bruises and sprains are just now going away.

  11. Those wheeled shoes are called “HEELYS.” I know this because my seven year old daughter has been through a couple pair of these joints in the last year. When she first got em’ she fell ALL the time trying to keep up w/her little buddy next door who rocks his daily. I laughed my azz off back then and now even though she’s somewhat mastered those things she STILL falls from time to time and I STILL laugh my azz off. There is always some comedic value in seeing a little kid wipe out- even if it’s your own.

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