Are y'all still jockin Britney Spears?

Many of you know I’m a Twitter fiend.  It’s the greatest invention ever for someone that talks to much and likes to work while distracted (and, coincidentally, the wonderfullest SSP device of all-time).
If you’re unfamiliar, a problem with Twitter is spam bots.  Yanno, folks that follow you and look to send you stuff that they know you dont’ really want.  But, just in case you might, they’re gonna hit you up.  Lots of them are pr0n.  That always humors me because the guy that cares that much about pr0n already knows where to look.  He didn’t need a suggestion.
Today, I’ve had to zap about three said bots.  But what got me was what they had in common…
They all advertised the chance to see Britney Spears in the act.
Yo, it’s 2009.  Damn near 2010 or, put differently, 10 years since that schoolgirl video.  Who are the people STILL trying to get a glimpse of Britney Spears?  It was weird enough when she wasn’t legal and cats were counting down the days.  Now?  I mean…y’all haven’t found something better?
Now, I don’t take the bots as an indicator of the world’s tastes, but they picked the person they think will be most likely to get you to click.  And they still think that’s Britney Spears.
Nobody new?  What about that Gisele lady that Tom Brady’s married to?  One of Derek Jeter’s acquaintances, perhaps?  Serena?  Anyone else?
Where’s the creativity, pr0n bots?
And if you’re still clicking for Britney, what is your problem?  Get a calendar or a time machine or something, man.

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