So my boy remarked to me that he’s reached the point where he couldn’t understand what that young boys are saying on the radio these days.  Now, he’s one of those New York people, so I was afraid he was just trying to diss my people, and you know I don’t go for that.  After he told me that he couldn’t understand Pimp C, who spoke as clearly as any human ever has, I had to check up on him when he said he couldn’t understand dudes.
Then he pulled up some song called “Bird Walk” by that Soulja Boy cat.

I know it’s called “Bird Walk” because that’s what it said on the screen.  I sure as hell wouldn’t know what he was saying were I left with nothing to form an opinion but my ears.  I couldn’t understand a damn word he said.  Not a damn one. I mean on the hook. I couldn’t hear enough to figure out the name on the song.
Like, if I heard that on the radio, I wouldn’t be able to come and find it.  I’d have no idea where to begin on Google.  That’s just shameful.  
Just because I work on AM radio doesn’t mean I want to listen to it all the time.  But I have officially reached the point where, much like my parents said back in the day, I don’t understand what these dudes are saying.  No, it’s not that I can’t translate the slang.  I. Can. Not. Hear. The. Words.
Hi, I’m Bomani, and I’m the oldest 28 you’ve ever met.  I swear, I still loved rap music like two years ago.  Definitely did three years ago.  Now I live and die by the iPod and don’t even bother to peep what’s coming out when.  My only hope is that nobody drops this stuff in the time capsule.
Does that make me that guy?  Yeah, I thought so.