I feel like I've been here before…

Looks vaguely familiar.  Same funny looking dude up top, same blogroll, same colors.
Yes, this is my blog.  You’ll have to forgive me, for I’ve been away for a while.
My bad on that.  Last week was travel heavy.  This week is travel heavy–NABJ in Vegas, baby–and got a wedding in St. Thomas at the end of the month.  But I’m back.
First, lemme unload some links on you.  Here are the Jump’s from last Monday, Wednesday and this Monday.  And here’s one on what a clown Bud Selig was last week.  And here’s why I don’t wanna see Greg Oden play on Christmas day.  I think that’s it.
Went with my fiancee to see “Talk to Me.”  Great flick.  Cheadle killed it, and I don’t recall there being a single corny moment.  That’s rare in movies that happen largely in the ’60s.  Or maybe I’m just holding the sins of Robert Townsend–the corniest man in the history of planet Earth–against everyone.
Either way, fie fie.  Don Cheadle, the more I think about it, is absolutely incredible.  The interesting thing about him to me is how he’s been able to do projects that let him display his range.  There aren’t a lot of black actors that really get that opportunity.  Or perhaps not that many that choose to display that range, because of money and things.  Most likely, it’s a combination of the two.
But he was fall down funny in this one, and he managed to nail the emotion in the flick every time.  He didn’t miss once in this one.  Good flick.
Back later.

17 thoughts on “I feel like I've been here before…”

  1. Hope to see Talk to Me tonight. It is only playing in one theatre in the Phoenix metropolitan area. What the hell?!
    Headed to NABJ tomorrow!
    I LOVE Five Heartbeats. PERIOD!

  2. definitely a good flick. i personally could have done without Cedric the entertainer – it seemed like they needed a better known black name to increase their confidence that the movie would be successful but the character could have been played by anyone. i also think Chiwetel Ejiofor was brilliant. the chemistry between him and Cheadle was was amazing…

  3. shid…the five heartbeats was the shit because of the one liners..
    like Eddie Kang singing nights like this outside the place.
    or Big Red tryin to thug ol boy before he had him kilt
    or when Duck left the group on the stage.
    Or when they got pulled over by them inbred cops. “y’all boys a sangin’ group. Why don’t y’all boys sang?”
    P.S. The WMD will be in Vegas Wednesday. holla

  4. The good parts of “Hollywood Shuffle” and “The Five Heartbeats” (btw, why did their aged-40-years makeup only consist of gray wigs and glasses?) aren’t enough to excuse any part of “Meteor Man” or “The Parent Hood.”
    Plus, Townsend was in “Ratboy” wasn’t he?

  5. Oh so I’m the only one who liked Meteor Man?! Grant it I haven’t seen it in years and I could be a victim of the “it was tight wen I was 10, but wack now” but I thought it was okay.

  6. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some “Hollywood Shuffle,” but every minute that Townsend is supposed to be doing serious acting is painful. You didn’t realize these things as a kid.
    “Meteor Man” is straight up ass. I’d take “Leonard Part 6” over that nonsense.

  7. Don Cheadle… I liked him when I first saw him on Picket Fences. Followed his career ever since… He’ll always be the lawyer on picket fences to me. Kinda like how Leo DiCaprio will always be the foster kid of the Seavers on Growing Pains. You can’t escape your TV roots!
    The thing I remember about Townsend that was the funniest was his PSA about using condoms on his HBO special in the ’80s. When he stopped to think about all of the people he had slept with, and the camera froze on the big dude, he said “I was in prison once.” (I checked on YouTube and couldn’t find that scene–Doh!)

  8. Meteor Man was/is undeniably awesome. How do you hate on a flying superhero afraid of heights?
    My favorite Miles Davis story is possibly apocryphal or slightly rephrased.
    “In 1987 the jazz trumpeter and group leader Miles Davis attended a White House reception in honor of Ray Charles with his wife at the time, the actress Cicely Tyson. When a woman asked him what he had done to be invited, he answered: ‘Well, I’ve changed music four or five times. . . . What have you done of any importance other than be white?'”

  9. Thaps-Great story about Miles Davis! I was curious about this one, so I did a little googling and found this reference
    (Miles DavisL The Definitive Biography):
    pp. 469-471 contain the story you mentioned.

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