Michelle LaVaughn

I’ll go ahead and ask the question — when did Michelle Obama get that booty?  I know you talked about it, cuz it was a-buzzin’ in my circle.

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  1. Bomani…this is an easy one.
    Michelle accumulated the booty over a period of time as the puppeteer of Barack Obama.
    The three main sources were the real estate deals with Tony Resko, siphoning “community organizing” funds from ACORN, and the absolute windfall skimmed from the 56 million dollar Annenberg Challenge (you have to wonder how many of those dollars reached the schoolchildren and classrooms of inner city Chicago.
    Now ax me a hard one.

  2. Eddie, you are an “axhole!” Sincerely, why don’t you go waste other people’s time? If all you do is post to be negative and contrary to anything Bo says, why bother? Does what he thinks matter so much to you that you feel the need to act like an imbecile?

  3. e-mail address is correct now – forgot I had changed
    So Bo, what are you axin’ for – the comments on Michelle Obama’s lower body that’s been a’buzzin’ in my circle?

  4. Rex…homes…dude…bro…bruhtha…whatever I’m ‘sposed to call you on this blog…where are you…give me something…you want me banned because I’m testing your intellect…show me sump’in…what is your answer to the question Bo asked…

  5. Eddie, are you such a stupid racist that you think everyone that reads this site but you is white? I’ve never banned anyone from this site, but your time will come soon. Not a threat, but I’m publicly offering you a choice.

  6. Beerstain wrote:
    “Rex…homes…dude…bro…bruhtha…whatever I’m ’sposed to call you on this blog”
    Eddie, Eddie, Eddie… Further proving your ignorance… or how ridiculous you are for making assumptions.
    And as far as intellect, let me tell you, it wouldn’t be a fair fight to compare yours to mine. In case you’re too dumb to understand subtlety, I’d PWN you bitch!
    …or do you even understand PWN?

  7. Baba,
    That booty comes from Barack having to deal with all the haters and taking a trip to heaven everytime he gets a chance. As a soul brotha, I know how to make a womans booty grow…hitting it from the back with authority!!!
    -D Nunn

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