Well, it seems this piece about the Caniacs has gotten more play than expected. I’ve been told many places to watch Canes games in Raleigh. However, I’ve also been warned a couple of times that I might not be safe at said places. Funny.
Anyway, I’ll be on Team 1040 in Vancouver talking about this piece at 4:40 EDT. Click, go and check it out if you get the chance.
Caniac mail call (!!!) coming soon.

2 thoughts on “RADIO TODAY”

  1. That was the first audible utterance I made when I read your column on about your alledged search for Hurricanes fans in the Triangle. WHAT!! The more I read the more I wondered out loud who wrote the piece, what bubble the author lived in and why even felt this was worthy of webspace. I saw it was you and I was simply AMAZED to see that you claim to live in the triangle. Still no feasible explanation from espn. I know when ESPN did cover the NHL playoffs in ’02, many long time hockey personalities were simply amazed at the amount of support for the ‘canes, and it has grown since then. I can only guess that with the two exceptions you listed in your column, you are generally house bound or prematurely biased.
    Maybe I know lots of ‘Canes fans because, since the ’02 run, my son has fallen in love with the game and has played in a youth league ever since. So its clear that youth hockey families are generally pro hockey fans as well.
    Maybe I know lots of ‘Canes fans because, after my son got involved in hockey, my wife and I decided that he shouldn’t have all the fun, so we too have done learn to play clinics and C leagues to fully enjoy the games. Beer league players tend to be pro hockey fans as well.
    I do know that I am extremely jealous of the many, many people I know that have the time and money to commit to Hurricane Season Tickets. I couldn’t throw a water balloon where I work without soaking a season ticket holder in three tries.
    On the roads all around town, I see flags and magnets and stickers on cars proclaiming their fanatism for the ‘Canes.
    I’ve been to several sports bars and I see ‘Canes fans whether a game is happening or not.
    I’ve been to practices early and late in the season, when the “glass girls” standing along the edge waiting to “get noticed” are so deep you have to walk through the bleachers to get by.
    My only conclussion is that you saw only what you wanted to see to support your opinion. This seems very “O’Reilly Factor” to me. You wanted to create an outcry and get some attention for yourself, so you made statements created to inflame, and it worked. Lucky You! Maybe next time, don’t take the easy way out.
    There is no question that College Basketball is King in the Triangle (Go Duke!), and will be for some time. But, at last there is a team that can bring them all together.
    Let’s Go Canes.

  2. As a hockey fan who is still bitching about the NHL allowing teams to move to places like Carolina, Phoenix and Florida…I’m surprised (in a good way, I guess) that people are writing to you about it.
    But a few angry fans doth not a fanbase make.
    Buffalo v. Edmonton would make a much better Finals, than having to endure this upstart fan base get to their 2ND Stanley Cup run in less than 5 years. Hasn’t the sport suffered enough, goodness.

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