So I'm watching Wheel of Fortune…

…and it’s “teen best friends” week.  I’m not sure the appeal of these various weeks on Wheel of Fortune.  Outside of celebrity week–who can ever forget James Brown’s appearance?–I can’t imagine anyone turns on Wheel of Fortune just to see these gimmicks.  Ohhhh, I gotta tune in for armed services week!
But what’s funny here–two of these best friend pairings are male-female combinations.  In each case, the girl is fairly cute, and the dude is a bit nerdy.
Friend my ass.  Oh, he might be her friend, but these kids are just biding their time.  Ten years from now, the girls are goin to look back on this show and say to themselves “how did I not know he wanted some?”
Oh, and there was just the most awkward hug ever between a particularly dorky looking dude and his “bff.”
Let’s retitle this “I’m tired of hearing about how cute the football players are” week on Wheel of Fortune.

8 thoughts on “So I'm watching Wheel of Fortune…”

  1. I don’t think we should let any of the theme week gimmicks overshadow the fact that Vanna White is the greatest hustler in the history of television. She doesn’t even turn the letters anymore and I bet you she didn’t even get a pay cut!

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