The Morning Jones starts MONDAY

Business…please check out my new radio show, “The Morning Jones,” on Hardcore Sports Radio, Sirius Channel 98. We’ll be live Monday through Friday from 7-10 a.m. ET. You can also listen live at the station’s site,
I’m in tropical Toronto, where the station is based, for the first couple of weeks of the show, then I’ll be based in Durham. Yes, like the rest of the fun trips I’ve taken the last six years, there will be blog posts about it. This has been interesting.
Love to say more, but it’s been a crazy hectic week. But check out the show, really. It’s probably the most exciting professional endeavor I’ve embarked on, and it’s a chance to keep this going with greater support than I’ve ever received. Only way this doesn’t work is if I blow it. I doubt that will happen.

16 thoughts on “The Morning Jones starts MONDAY

  1. good to hear you back on bo! good luck on your new show sounds good so far i’m listening right now. the buzz now espn sucks! i’m glad you’re back man! i wish mike and shannon was with you then it would be like old times but best wishes man always.

  2. What channel is that on my XM satellite unit? Talk radio in Raleigh/Durham ain’t the same without you bruh. Do you, we’ll follow….

  3. Congrats Man, Been out of the loop for awhile but glad to hear you are back on. Sports radio hasn’t been the same in Raleigh. We need you back!!!

  4. Hey I just caught your show, and it’s enjoyable; however, you made a mistake with the Tiger Woods transcript…you were quoting the satirical made up responses to Tiger’s messages…

  5. As an avid sports fan with a degree in electronic communication from UNC, where can I submit an application to work for your show or you in any way, shape or form.

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