4 thoughts on “The Undefeated: Kaepernick’s Plight for Justice”

  1. Bomani,
    Thank you as always for brining to light what many of us stumble over in the dark. Sitting, standing, laying down, or whatever you like during the national anthem if beyond secondary. Remarkable how people run from the message and rap themselves in the flag of ignorance. Love your work and what you stand for.

  2. Bomani,
    Please take the time to go to Hillsdale.edu and read the article by Heather Mac Donald
    entitled: “The danger of the “Black Lives Matter” Movement.
    I believe that you will find research and data there that do not support the assertion that
    police officers intentionally target blacks. Be open enough to check out a different opinion
    based on facts and not emotion.
    Please don’t take this to mean that there are not real issues to be addressed regarding people of color, however this issue is being played out without a lot of real information and facts.

  3. Mr Jones,
    I will begin by saying that while I don’t always agree with you, I find your show to be one of the most engaging “Sports Talk” shows I have encountered. That you find ways to merge sports with philosophy, politics, economics, etc. is most appreciated. Please know (if you actually read this) that nothing I say here is meant as a slight or in anyway a passive aggressive way of insulting you.
    As of late, your show has focused on the topic expressed in this blog post. This “controversial” topic has been discussed within my classroom (I teach at a community college), and I have had a difficult time understanding my students’ inability to engage with me in any sort of debate or discussion, as most of them are enraged by Kaepernick’s actions. As a result, I have returned here to this post. I could find no other way of contacting you, so hopefully this will at least been seen by someone who could supply me an answer or help.
    I have noticed that throughout your show, “The Right Time” you have a tendency to speak with certain jargon, patterns, and a structure that are fitting to your audience and your own sense of self. If I may be so bold, you use phrases that could be considered slang, somewhat unique to African Americans. (I have absolutely no judgement or problem with this, as I have no right to anyways) Yet when I read this post, I noticed that your write much differently. In fact, this post averages a score of 11.3 an a readability scale. High for a sports column. I would imagine as well, that your Masters’ degrees would have required writing on a level that most can’t accomplish.
    If you have the ability to communicate at such a distinguished level, why would you choose to speak any differently on your radio program? Is it to reach a broader audience? Comfort level? Habit? Aren’t these the very things that we need people to step away from?
    Trying to move forward with issues of race requires this younger generation to be motivated to do something that they may not be comfortable with: asking questions they normally wouldn’t, considering issues that “don’t apply to them”, listening to another’s opinion.
    Most important, we must start putting forward solutions rather than simply talking about the problem.

  4. Collin does not appear to care about playing a stupid game in “Arrowhead” stadium. He probably owns property on lands that the US illegally occupies. How much does he know about the plight of the native americans who aren’t being discriminated against because they are being exterminated?

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