Month: May 2005

Learn a lil 'bout Baba


This is the oddball shit about me. Most of the important shit is obvious, I think, but it’s these quirky things that make life fun. It’s also in these little things about people that you get a glimpse of their insecurites, the chinks that posturing can mask but never repair. Enjoy.

Burning crosses in Durham


‘Til they start pullin niggaz out of trucks on some reverse Reginald Denny shit, I’m not trippin’. Even then, I’ll just buy a pistol. There’s a principle issue involved in this, but this incident isn’t big to me. These jokers want attention. I ain’t giving it to ’em.

MJ and Me

I really have no idea what to say about the MJ trial, though. There appears to be some suspect shit going on with those kids, but who really knows. The veracity of children’s statements is questionable intrinsically, but they seem to seriously be on the hustle.
But Mike is just messed up enough in the head to make any accusation seem possible.

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