Month: July 2005

  • Birth: Not Quite, Baby. And Baba Talks to R. Kelly Today

    Really, if Illinois tried to give the East to Missouri, the loser of the ensuing Civil War would be forced to keep the 618. Think I’m playin’? If you do, you’ve clearly never seen that place. Just bad news. In fact, it’s worse than the VA enclave known as “Bad News.”

  • Baba Does Bristol

    Sunday night, I left a strangely cryptic post. My plan was that I’d get sleepy while doing it but, before I knew it, I was clicking send. Why was I nervous? Because I was heading to meet with the folks at the next morning.

  • As if you care, more about me.

    And this must be said–this here will lead into something far more interesting and important, which was my trip to Bristol, CT yesterday.

  • Great site



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